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We are discussed with FORD!!!!! We have had black smoke coming from our tail pipe for months. We have called several times to get to the bottom of this problem and no body will return our call!!! We are done buying FORD vehicles!!!

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I puchased a new 2015 Ford Focus it has a cultch issue that Ford refuses ti fix because it isn't broke enough. The car has 8019 miles on it its has been in the shop 3 times. I quess when it leaves beside the road it will be broke enough. This is BS. I will never buy another car from Cloninger Ford. Not so sure I will ever buy another Ford. Very dissatified with the car and Ford they don't want fix what they build Whay would you not want to... Read more

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I never owned a Ford before...And I never will buy a Ford vehicle again!! I bought a 2013 Mustang Premium. I bought it used. Only one year old. I have owned this Piece of *** Car for only 2 years and it's been in the shop more than I've been driving it!! I'm still making car payments on it. And put &3000.00 into it just this past year!! As I am typing this right now...I have No Vehicle because it's in the REPAIR SHOP! With all my money putting... Read more

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We bought a "slightly used" 2015 Edge with about 20, 000 miles on it in April 2016. It has been in the shop for the last 2 days while Lithia Ford in Missoula repairs the oil leak they found when I took the car in for a 6 month oil change. Was due back today but now will be around noon tomorrow because Ford sent the wrong part. This car is under original warranty and also has an extended warranty. But the dealer policy is "NO LOANER CARS." I... Read more

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My name is Andy I have a 2012 Ford fiesta with only 68,000 miles on the vehicle since I purchased a vehicle I had nothing but issues . The first issue was with the transmission first Ford replaced the transmission module and it fixed the issue temporarily later again the same problem existed with the transmission I then returned it to the dealer to have them repaired once again I let them know that I also had serious electrical issues with the... Read more

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I took my Ford Fusion into the Upper Marlboro, MD dealership in April 2016 to address a recall on the fuel emissions system. The dealership said that my particular car was fine and did not need to have any parts replaced. A mere 3 months later, my check engine light appeared. Turns out, the exact part that was just "inspected" and "fine", is now no longer fine. I returned to the dealership and they said they could not help me because the... Read more

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my name is stephanie tullison and i have a ford fiesta and it a recall on it something to with the clutch concerning my transmission so when i took it to autofordnation in memphis tn in the month of may the man that lookk at my car mr.Bill he said he would order the part and that its ok for me to drive my car so i been driving my car and i hav÷ called all this summer to see if my part have came but evrytime i call they take my name and number... Read more

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I Have Lemon Law Group working on my claim. Multiple Transmission fails. Ford should learn to build quality cars or go out of business. They stopped incorporating quality in their process in 1980. They have been selling bad transmissions to millions of people ever since. They should be held accountable for their actions. These cars stall and will kill people if they aren't fixed. They should take a step back to 1979 or earlier and look at the... Read more

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So sad to see what the company has turned into. Not only does the corporate office not stand behind their products but the dealers rape you if you try to keep your older vehicles running. I have spent so much money, time and patience trying to keep this vehicle safe and running well in the last 3 years. The design was bad right from the start and FORD knows it from the spark plug design to the phasers. All designed to fail and to cost you (the... Read more

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I need their corporate email address as I need to email them about the crappy service and I need a paper trail. Truck been in garage three times in past 2.5 months for the same issue. Service manager does not return calls and acts like a bully and will not let us describe our issues. They lie about having loaner cars and offer crappy service teams. Need to contact corporate before I reach out to the BBB and Attorney General. I think the 2015 I... Read more

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