In September 2006 I purchased a Ford Fusion and the first visit to repair was February 5 2007-March 16,2007 for third gear recall. Second was June 2007 the car broke down on highway, had to be towed only to be told that the transmission was bad, this time took 4 weeks( was told the trans guy was on vacation by the dealership). no loaner given.

Long story short, 5 extended visits to shop, over $5000 out of pocket and Ford denying everything oh yeah 3 transmission. in a two yr old vehicle. Lost my delivery job and lots of stress. Ford did nothing and insult to injury, want me to pay for the freakin car. Lemon law only helps if you still have the car. Ford motor credit was notified everytime and after the last repair visit($2818.xx out of pocket) they repoed the car and said I told them to.

I guess they know about the Lemon Law loophole.

I am pissed. The saga continues in court.

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I have a fusion and it is an amazing car! i couldnt ask for anything better. im guessing yall got what you paid for..and extra abuse you did to the car on your own probably helped.

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I feel your pain. I'm over 60+ days out of service for trans issues in our 09 Mariner.

Ford puts everything on the dealership, each are independently owned & operated, with minimum requirements from Ford. Ford simply agrees with whatever the dealership says, and cannot force another dealership to work on a car. So in a case like ours, we're stuck working with the same idiots that likely screwed up the 2nd transmission, as the other local dealerships refuse to get involved. We have parked the car and continue making our payments while we pursue the lemon law.

So wish us luck, as it seems Ford is going to drag this out as long as they can. Apparently they don't care about losing good customers because of their bad transmissions, bad dealership service departments, and bad customer service/relations departments.

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