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i have been to 3 body shops and a dealer for oxidation on rim of my hood, all say its a factory defect, but ford denies the claim saying its normal wear and tear, now i have to take legal action any advice, has any one else, the ford dealer says they have many complaints on this issue just finished repairing one with the same damage and it was approved by ford to have it fixed at no cost to the owner, but yet they denies my claim, i have 3...
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We had a terrible experience with a non dependable car while driving on the highway the car stopped on a bridge and slowing got to the side of the road where a we were stranded on the side of the road in the hot Florida weather with two kids from 6 PM to 1:30 AM with no services, no food and we were all tired and ready to be on our way.finally a tow truck with another car arrived. We finally arrived at our destination at 3 AM, 12 hours which...
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I leased a 2016 explorer. It leaks exhaust fumes into the cabin at toxic levels. Repairs didn't help. It's a huge recall problem, billions of dollars, this is the airbag and VW cheating emissions for Ford X1000. They are hiding from the problem. Galpin Ford is conspiring with Ford against me. Their managers treat me like dirt. The owner doesn't have the guts to talk to me. The vehicle has 5000 miles on it and sits on the driveway. 4 months being...
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