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2008 s been to the dealer. The engine check light comes on.

ford ranger. This is now the 5th time this truck ha When this happens, the truck lacks power, and the rpm's go up. Ford has even replaced the dash wire harness. The problem is still not fixed.

The truck has only 5943 miles on it. So now it's still at the dealership. Ford motor Company, at this time don't know what to do. I'm out a truck, at this time.??

So now what do I do??

I have even called Ford's 800#, but all I get is the run around.

Monetary Loss: $26.

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Have a used 2006 Ford Ranger. Does exactly the same thing but has only done it twice so I just ignore it because both times the lack of power goes away in about 30 seconds and the check engine light goes out.

Note: BOTH times it happened when I gunned the engine to pass a accident. I think the "gunning" is causing the problem.


lemon law ford should get you another truck

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