My son bought a new, blue, 2008 Mustang GT from Astro Ford in MS. It's has dual silver stripes along the hood, top, and rear deck.

Within weeks the stripes started showing what looked like mold under them. Then they started cracking where the spots are. The car was taken back to Astro Ford where the body shop manager, Doug, took several days to call back just to say the dealership subcontracted out another company to put the stripes on so they are not under warranty. The car was bought with a bumper to bumper warranty.

The dealership had the stripes put on, so why shouldn't the dealership be responsible for fixing the problem! They said it wasn't a factory add on so it's not under warranty. WHAT????

Ford says it's an independently owned dealership so Ford can't do much except take a report.

WHAT??? The dealership represents Ford and sell they're products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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Gulfport, Mississippi, United States #611239

Watch out for tricky sales tactics from this company, they out and out lied to get personal financial information. Walk away and go somewhere else.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States #585573

I have purchased 3 vehicles from Astro now and I have yet to have anything but the best possible service that can be acquired from a dealership. I follow all the warranty guidelines and everything Astro suggests and guess what my Mustang has stripes; not one problem in the world.

I find many who post on these sites do things to their vehicles; or just do not take care of them then when they cause damage to their vehicles people are surprised when dealerships push back.

Maybe if you had taken care of the issue before it became a problem this would not have been a issue. ***

Grimsthorpe, England, United Kingdom #50206

Astro Ford adds dealer options as cheap as possible, then won't stand behind what they sell. Don't buy from them!!!

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