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i have a lincoln mark LT 4x2 2006 supercrew, color is smokestone,and the paint is coming off in large sheets in the front and on the bed of my pickup. this is a product default that ford motor co.

is ignoring and will not acnoledgd as their defect or flaw and take the responsibility to repair at 100 percent of the cost. they want me to pay 100.00 dollars out of my pocket for their inadiquit paint job. I am appauled at this decission by ford and anyone else with this problem should be also, and if anyone else has this problem with ford motor co.

and their paint coming off of their vehicle, please contact me at my Email @ - kingandy@arbuckleonline.com [any input appreceated,thank's kingandy.

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Feel lucky. I have a 2001 Expedition that one body shop said would be cheaper to sell than repaint! Ford's factory paint is peeling bad and they ignore, and have ignored any liability since the vehicle was purchased!

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