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I went to Sharpnack Ford in Willard,OH to make a deal on a Ford Focus.

That was on 10/2/10. On Monday Jeff called me and said my deal was ready.

He told me to come and sign the final papers at 11:00 on Tues. morning. On Tues I didn't see the car I made a deal on. Jeff told me that my deal was made on that Saturn.

I didn't make a deal on a Saturn.

I will NEVER go to a Ford dealer again if this is how you treat customers. Jim Stinehour

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this customer came in looking for a great deal on a pre-owned far as a bait and switch im not gonna say that doesnt happen at dealerships but what i will say is,i informed the customer i will tell him what i can do not what i can't.its to bad that he feels the way he does. this dealership will do whatever it can to help customers, and point them in the right direction to get them back on track mr. stinehour

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