My 2005 Ford 500 is a pile of junk. My 33K mile warenty was good for just that.

I have 42K miles and repair bills of $680, $2660 and $399 I will never buy another Ford ever! Not only did the car completely fall apart, it never has missed a oil change or scheduled maintenance? I told the server tech the car was making noise on my last oil change and he said the nois was not a proble but I needed a new sensor? $680 + $45 for the oil change.

I bring the car back for another oil change and tell them it's making the noise agian. They told me it was a compressor and it would be $2660 + $45 for the oil change 3 days before Chrismas! Merry Christmas from Ford please bend over!

Now they want a Bail Out from me Joe taxpayer!!

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