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I applied for a car loan over the phone 7/22/2010 at Shults Ford. I was told to wait until monday 7/26/2010 to hear back from them for approval or no approval.

My husband and I do not have very good credit and we were very hopeful that they could help us. I heard back from them on monday the 26th of July and was told our loan approval went through. We were shown a Chevy Trailblazer for the amount of 19,0000. We were also told that this car was sold before we got there, but when we arrived at the dealership they told us that the loan was not approved for the last buyers and this would be a great buy for us!

We spent over 4 hours there negotiating and finally came up with a deal to buy the car. We were told that we were approved, signed contracts, and changed our insurance. We paid them 3,000.00 dollars. On my phone interview, I was asked these questions: Where do you work?

I told them Stat Resources. How long have you been there? I told them 1 year. How much do you make?

I told them 30.00/hour. This is what was submitted to the bank per Shults Ford, and bank approved us, no problem. We had left the car dealership with all of our signed documents and we sold our old car the next day. We were assured!!

that the loan was approved and we were proud owners of this car!!! 2 days later we received a call from the car dealership that we need to return this car because the bank denied it!!!! They are accusing us of a false credit application. I have been working as an ultrasound tech for over 17 years employed.

I was working part time for the last 3 months and only 3-4 days, but I am still considered full time. Based on my paystubs, I only made 8,000 since the beginning of the year which made the bank say no.(after the fact that the dealership said we were 100% approved!!!) I also work for a temporary agency. This only means that each of my assignments are temporary. I have assignments scheduled for the next 12 months.

I have my W2 forms stating what I have earned for the previous years and it is a full time salary. I can't believe that they would finalize this deal if the bank was not 100% certain!! 3 days later they demanded our car back! and told me that I was a liar!!!

Not only does that leave me and my husband and 2 kids without a car, they were very rude and treated us terribly. I have bought over 7 cars in my lifetime, none of course was at a Ford dealership and never received the bad business practices that my husband and I have received there.

Review about: Ford Car.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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Sorry this happened to you. It doesn't surprise me with those jokers.

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