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My name is [name omitted] and I have purchased at least 10 new Ford cars/trucks over my life span. The latest being a 2005 F-150. My truck was taken into a dealership for an engine problem at 19,993 miles. The service department dismantled my motor in order to make the repairs. (Replaced cam phaser) The repairs were covered under my 36,000/3Yr. warranty and took 4 days. The very day I picked it up the problem (loud ticking/knocking noise from motor i.e. defective cam phaser) was still present. I returned the vehicle to the same dealership within 24 hours and had only added 13 miles within the pick/up drop/off phase. It took the dealership 33 days and emailing pictures to a Ford Service Engineer to make a claim that my motor had “excessive oil sludge” and as such was an indicator that I had not maintained my vehicle. You see, I could only provide two oil change receipts when I needed to provide three, which DOES NOT indicate that I did not have three oil changes I just couldn’t produce ONE receipt. Ford Motor denied the claim for warranty work solely based on lack of maintenance (a violation per the warranty not to mention the unreasonable repair time which should not be more than 30days) and cancelled my warranty. How their Ford Certified Mechanics missed what they now claimed to be ‘excessive oil sludge’ on the first visit remains a mystery to date. I was left for SIX MONTHS without use of my vehicle. Did I mention it needed a new motor? Yes the dealership quoted me $6500 to put in a new motor. Although they could never give a diagnosis of what was wrong they knew it needed a new motor. Eventually an independent arbitration hearing through the BBB concluded that Ford Motor Company should have made those warranted repairs on the customers second attempt and any discoveries of “excessive oil sludge” and any warranty issues should have been addressed at the time of the first repair attempt. Ford Motor Company clearly used lies and misleading information to delay costly warranted repairs to my vehicle and was successful for SIX MONTHS. During those six months I had to continue making my payments as well as pay for alternate transportation(rental car at $1,000 a month) I had to pay for independent assessments which was money well spent as it proved that my motor DID NOT have “excessive oil sludge”. There was tow expenses incurred; I had a small landscaping business for 3 years that went under as a result of not having use of my truck for SIX MONTHS. Indeed this six month ordeal has cost me plenty. Suffice it to say that Ford Motor Company spent big bucks retaining an attorney to represent them in a small claims action I filed in Cobb County, Atlanta, Ga. against them to reimburse my out-of-pocket expenses. But, I understand, as Ford least of all wants precedent set against them in a court of law.((Read your warranties carefully folks, as long as manufacturer’s warranty is not WRITTEN in an unconscionable manner, their pretty much given a license to act unconscionable even fraudulent). What I find so reprehensible is that Ford does not stand by their product. Apparently Ford Motor Company has no issue with leaving their customers out of their new vehicle for SIX MONTHS and will lie and misrepresent facts to do so. In doing so however, in essence ,Ford Motor Company is willingly, publicly admitting that they manufacture motors that will need full replacement at less than 20,000 because the cam phasers in this make and model are defective and cause motor failure.(This was the case with my truck) I applaud Ford Motor Company for their courage to do so. I, in fact, will be contacting every media outlet in the United States of America to get word out to the public that Ford Motor Company has made this perfectly clear through their actions or lack of. I may not get the thousands of dollars of out of pocket expenses I incurred as a result of Ford’s deceitful tactics but I will have satisfaction in knowing that I made the public aware so that they may avoid the *** I went through with Ford Motor Company. I will be paying for a spot in the Atlanta Journal Constitution to run this open letter and hope that other media outlets will pick up on this story namely CNN whose offices and studio are located in the city which I reside and where the vehicle was purchased, Atlanta, Ga.

BUILT FORD Tough?? I don’t think so.

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