I'm still under the so-called bumper to bumper warranty. My running board cracked in the cold weather (its hard plastic). Ford would not replace it under it's warranty, because it's not included, as well as a long list of other things such as: mirrors, moldings, door handles etc....

In short, it's not really a bumper to bumper warranty, its an outright lie

and they are deceiving most folks. If the problem is not mechanical, they don't want to hear it, and you'll pay for the repair. It cost me $600.00 for a new running board. Good Luck, with your warranty.

Review about: Ford Repair.

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You are an *** Sparky. They do crack in cold weather -- and hot. Dumbasssssss


Sparky, why are you so hostile? You really don't have enough information to call that person names.

Sparky the Car Guy

running boards DON"T crack dut to cold weather, they crack from ABUSE. The info on the warranty is clear in a seperate book for your review, but you are too *** lazy to read or care.

What about when it needs gas? You hit a deer?

Jump the curb from driving and texting? Would you expect THOSE to be covered????

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