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ally gmac *** we bell your *** out with our tax money and you treat us like *** people buy somthing else make gmac go under my wife lost her job i have a 8 year old and a 19 and a 23 year old in collage and gmac repo my car thats ok i have the money to get it back but repo guy drug the car 150 feet before he hooked to the front Im going to need tires and who knows what else ally ally ally gmac gmac who ever when i do get on my feet im trading for a ford and my children and theirs and theirs and friends oh the repo co is HORNES RECOVERY all he had to do is come to the door and i would have give him the keys Hornes is out of fayettville n.c. my name is Dewey Wayne Harrington 910 814 2478 ps thanks for carring for the folks that belled the once greatest car co. in the world fu ally GMAC

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It's mt GMAC's fault you didn't make the payment. I'm sure it was probably 3 or 4 months late.

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