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I'm appauled that Ford isn't honoring the limited production of the 2008 Bullitt Mustang to the promised 7700 cars. Nnow they are saying that the car is so popular they are increasing production.

This is outrageous, people like myself bought the car because of the limited edition status of the car and Ford has committed a fraud on the purchasers of the 2008 Bullitt. I'm one unhappy customer when it comes to the lack of Customer Service. I have a Navigation system that I paid $2000.00 for and the Dealership and Ford Motor Co both offer no recourse other than to say i should be patient while they upgrade the software on the Navigation System. What a Rip-OFF.

I keep getting this *** "just a couple more details" comment sothe minimum amount of text can be attained.

You guys are rediculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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