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When I turned on the AC for the first time this year it made a loud grinding noise for a few seconds, then never cooled. Took it in to the dealership to check and for regular 45,000 mile maintenance.

Dealer called and gave the following description of the problem ..."in the AC dryer there is a filter bag with "little blue balls" of dessicant. It seems that it is a very common problem that these filter bags burst and flood the entire AC system with the balls (aka "debris") which causes all the parts to fail and or clog. Many of the parts can't be effectively flushed so the have to be replaced." The cost to replace the entire AC system (all valves, tubes, hoses, evaporator, compressor, condenser, accumulator, dryer, etc.) came to $2,022.65. This dryer unit that is causing all the problems is a non-servicable unit and is in no way affected by regular maintenance, and there is nothing that can be done to prevent a failure.

The cost of this part alone at national parts stores (Advance/Autozone, etc.) is around $30.00. This very inexpensive part however causes extensive damage to very expensive parts. I would call this a "manufacturers defect". Also the replacement dryer used in the $2,022.65 repair is identical to the one that failed.

Ford has had many complaints about this, but "not on a scale where we're willing to look into this". On a vehicle with so few miles Ford is definitely losing customers for simply failing to design a better filter for a $30.00 part.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Repair.

Monetary Loss: $2023.

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Just got word from the mechanic that the ac compressor in my 2010 Ford Edge has to be replaced for this same reason.

Huntsville, Alabama, United States #1223988

I had a 2014 Mustang with complete AC system failure at 37K miles. The problem is very commonly reported on Mustang forums.

At this point I have to wonder if Ford has not intentionally designed the system to fail.

Livonia, Michigan, United States #1212260

I had an issues with mine, 3 to be exact, $1400 in parts, not so cold results. I finally said the *** with Ford service department, I don't even trust the last two fixes, fell like i was charged to much money just to pad their pockets.

The 3rd and finale time I took it to a certified non ford shop, it just wasn't charged right and no leaks.

cost me $100 dollars, and now it's the coldest it's ever been. Do yourself a favor and find a outside mechanic, away from ford service center.


Same issue. https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/Discussion-t35733_ds525034

Friendswood, Texas, United States #1159770

me to ford doesn't care I will never buy another ford or American car for that matter 26,000 miles 2010 ..ford escape


Ford is not honoring taking responsibility for this defect


I have a 2012 Escape that has lost any a/c. To add to this I encouraged a family member to buy the same model and after multiple trips to the dealership Ford failed to repair. Ford has one chance to repair my 2012 Escape or I will take my auto business to a foreign dealership as my family member did.


Same story here. Only when my bag blew iy caused an awefull misty damp fog to come out of the aor vents.

Scared the *** out of me and i almost lost control of the vehicle and rsn off an enbankment. So Ford says that this problem is not covered by recall because it's not a safety risk. Well I beg to differ. It's so far taken 5 trips to my mechanic and the compresser went in Nov.

Thank goodness I don't need A C in NewEngland in the winter. Looking forward to another $600 bill in the sping.

THANKS ALOT FORD. I think we should get a coalition together and do a class lawsuit.

to Anonymous Waterville, Maine, United States #1352982

If you do please contact me at tammij6020@gmail.com as I would be happy to join a class action law suit against Ford for the faulty manufacturing of the a/c units in Ford Escapes. I've also lost my a/c due to the bag of debris exploding & clogging everything.

Unfortunately I'm not able to pay to have this fixed & I have a toddler son that I'm not able to take anywhere when the weather gets nice because it's dangerously hot inside the vehicle if we have to stop for anything.

It's really sad we live in Maine & have all these beautiful beaches & I can't even take my only child because Ford won't go good on an obvious manufacturing defect!! Tell us how u care again Ford?!

Hall Summit, Louisiana, United States #1027721

I took my 2008 Ford fusion in to the dealership because the ac was blowing hot air, waited 31/2 hours and was told that my ac/dryer and condenser assembly was the problem. I have extended warranty but that particular part is not under warranty, and Ford was not interested in anything except the fee for checking the ac.

I have only 50,000 miles on the car. Almost all the comments that I'm reading here are all stating the same problems.

No recall....WOW!


It happened on my daughter's 2011 Escape and on my 2012 Escape. We'll try Honda the next time.

2012 Ford Escape, A/C compressor failed. Expensive to fix and Ford could care less.

I am looking into other options now. :(

2011 Ford Escape, A/C compressor failed. Expensive to fix and Ford could care less.


My husband and I owned a 2010 Expedition and the air conditioning also failed. We took it in and had it charged and they found a "leak".

The leak was fixed, but the air condition still did not work. The car had many miles on it, as he used the car for work. We did not want to put the money into the repair so we traded the car in.

My daughter owns a 2010 Ford Escape and the exact same issue exists.

She is a college student and cannot afford the repair. This seems to be an ongoing issue for Ford Motor Company, and should be recalled.

Can anyone suggest what I can do?


I agree same thing happened to our 2013 ford escape 2500$ repair

to Anonymous #1001865

A 2013 Escape has a completely different a/c system.


I have escape 2010 and my ac just went off the dealer told me it a common problem and it would cost around 2000 $ to fix it to bad cause I wanted to keep that car but now I think im gonna sell it

Texas, United States #893653

Just got off the phone with Ford Customer Service due to my 2012 Ford Escape's A/C compressor having the same problem and going out! It's only at 44,000 miles!

There aren't any recalls yet, but they did ask anyone who might have this problem to call them at the Customer Relationsip Center 1-866-436-7332 to report the issues so they are aware of them and can look into it. Thanks!

Sarasota, Florida, United States #890137

I just had a similar problem with a 2014 Escape Titanium with only 7000 miles on it. Air quit working and only blew very HOT air and some water droplets.

Took it to the dealer where it sat waiting on a new evaporator for over 40 days.

Needless to say I submitted a lemon law claim and am awaiting buy back from Ford. I understand that this has been a problem since 2013.

Belleville, Illinois, United States #866184

I recently had the same issue with my ac in my 2010 Ford Escape. Spent $305.00 to have the dryer replaced, flushed and recharged, only to find out I have to replace all the other parts.

At this point and time I am disgusted with FORD. I will never buy another FORD again!

They can't honor their product they produce. The AC unit needs to be a recall!

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