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I have a 2010 Ford F 150 that Ford has refused to honor their corrosion warranty.Has to be perforated.

The paint exhibits bubbling with rust under paint surface yet not weeping through the paint. Obvious the corrosion is inside out meaning a perforation exists under the paint. I could push a screwdriver through it to the inside. Truck is only 3 years old with no other rust signs. This is obviously a MFG defect, which they should take care of and honor their warranty. The 5 year unlimited corrosion warranty is not worth ***.

After 4 Ford vehicles sadly this will be my last.

Monetary Loss: $600.


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Warranty had expired for three months only on my Explorer Ltd 2013 when I reported the bubbling paint on the hood. Have been turned away by Ford Canada, and threated like I was a nobody.

As good for customers as DDT for mosquitoes...

Fort Pierce, Florida, United States #1269427

Ford Sucks, They treat customers like Harley Davidson. Their

warranty is as valuable as toilet paper. Don't buy their sorry

cars or trucks.


Ford is the worst company ever,

They wouldn't do anything, doesn't matter if you still have the warranty.

Will NEVER buy ford again.


I purchased my 2010 F150 New in February 2011.The front aluminum hoods' paint is bubbling where it meets the grille.

The Ford Dealership, where I purchased this vehicle told me that ford will only honor 2 years on the paint. I went to a local, reputable body/paint shop and the estimate was $2,200 to replace the hood. The manager told me that several ford vehicles with aluminum hood have the identical problem.

Not paying $2,200 and will fight ford.

to Anonymous #1384407

How did you make out with your fight with Ford? Did they ever make good?


I agree, this will be my last Ford. Same problem with a 2011 Explorer Limited. I am now looking to join a class action suit.


Ford told me my 2 year warranty was out by 25 days and that the 5 year corrosion warranty would not cover this defect unless the metal was perferrated all the way through. OK you screwed me ford, thanks

to Anonymous #1384408

Unfortunately that is the same result from all manufactures. Sad to say


According to an insider within Ford, it is actually cheaper to contest than actually replace thousands of aluminum components. The expectation is that the owner will simply become frustrated and/or just walk away. I was told that get some satisfaction is to pursue legal avenues.

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I have the same problem with a 2012 Mustang.Just three years old, garaged, 15k miles.

Ford refuses to repair or replace. My suggestion is to contact a lawyer. My lawyer is fully aware of the problem and is confident in the outcome as he has represented another client with the same problem, only in this case it was a tail gate on a Ford pickup.

Good luck.And yes after 6 Fords, this is my last.

As a foot note, a class action law suit is proceeding.

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