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Test drove a Ford Flex the other day. Had to wait for the owners wife to bring it back to the dealership.

They attempted to clean it up but we found popsicle sticks and toys under the seats. The Flex was selling as "new" but it was clearly being "used" by Pilson Ford in Mattoon Illinios.

Ended up setteling for a "new" Flex from another dealer that was also "used". Had all the features we wanted at the price we wanted.

Had to settle for one with 300 miles on it but was pissed. Had many chips and hardley had that new car smell.

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Julio, no one wants to hear from the guy who bought the used car as new. they want stories about guys who drive that demo through the main window or run it into a tree during the test drive.

no one wants to hear you didnt have the b***s to make them transfer you a new one, detail it, and give you a discount for you troubles. So next time you buy the burger off the floor, the sweater with only one sleeve, the 3 legged puppy for your daughter..

keep it a secret and save face. Please tell me the wife didnt hear this story.


Its called a "demo". Its typical and legal. i find no fault in you disagreeing with this practice on the surface. That would be your prerogative.

However I find it ludicrous (spelling?) that you then went to another dealer and bought a demo.

This completely discredited your complaint. If you had such a problem with a demo you should not have purchased one.

Let's not talk about how it was the only way you could get a good deal either, as you were buying a $30,000 vehicle and no one wants to hear your sob story over the $500 you saved on the demo.

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