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Do not allow autofair ford in Manchester, Nh. to arrange financing on your new vehicle.

Their financing scam is to have you sign the bank paperwork at zero percent interest, or 1.9% and then they hold the paperwork for a couple of weeks, call the customer up and tell them they couldn't get them financed at those low rates and inform them the creditor is demanding a buch higher interest rate on the loan. The business office lies to the customer about their credit score in order to get the customer to lock in at the higher rate.

Know YOUR credit score ahead of time if you are crazy enough to do business with these cut-throat thieves!

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #25831

I had this exact same scenario happen to me at that dealership! They surely know every trick in the book when it comes to selling a product, no matter what the cost of doing business is?

Makes me stop and wonder, how do these type of low-life's sleep at night? They do it to thirty year old's just as easily as they have to 76 year old people??

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, for your decietful game....AUTO-UN-FAIR!

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