After 8 days and 752 Km on a brand new Ford Escape the rear subframe was coming loose. Dealer found out that out of the 4 main bolts holding the rear subframe which holds the axle, 2 wheels, and differential, 2 of the front bolts were missing and the rear 2 bolts were coming off.

Another words the whole rear assemble was about to be left somewhere on the road with my family. Dealer only replaced the bolts after 4 days and Ford said to bad. So much for Quality is job One.

It's is quite obvious that the dealers do not in anyway check their vehicles after factory delivery. Just a dusting of the interior and off it goes to the show room.

Monetary Loss: $38000.

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My 2010 ford escape with 19000 miles on it started leaking transmisson fluid. I took it to the dealer and they said it was a front seal.

However the seal they need is backordered and they have no idea when they will get the part. Is anyone else having this problem?


Rear Facia was not properly installed , had to go back to dealer to have fasteners added.

Every time I hit a bump of med size hear a thump from the back end,Plan to take it to dealer to see if I have a sub frame problem also.

PLastic rattles like rocks in a can,Tranny whines.Noisy vehicle can hear road noise and Tranny whine, Ford noise isolation sucks.

I think Ford does stand for Fix Or Repair Daily.

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