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I have a2006 F-150 was in 6 SIX time for brakes.1st time at 15,000 mi 2nd at 24,500 3rd at 28,400 4th at 35,000 5th at 38,000 last at 43,000. They still are not fixed!!!!!

The last time I paid for new pads. Now rotors are turned to the point. I'll need new ones. This sucks !

wheres Ford? They won't warranty any more. Every thing from now on is out of pocket. With 48,000 on it now it's doing the same this, and NO I din't pull and heavy loads, and no stop and go as I live in the country.

No I don't use my left foot to brake. Come on Ford step up to the plate!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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