Went to Astro Ford yesterday with the intent to purchase a new car. I spoke with a salesman that asked me what I was looking for (something to lower my payments and more fuel efficient).

I did have a truck to trade in. The salesman judged me on my appearance (im 24..look about 19) and the fact that I still owed money on my truck. He showed me cars that were not fuel efficient at all and were noticeably used. He told me since I didn't like any of the cars that he showed me, he didn't want to waste my time.

I left, went to Allen Toyota in Gulfport and left with a new car $20,000 (ask for Adam he is AWESOME-(you can say Kody sent you). If they took the time to show people what they wanted and didn't judge on what they feel the customer can afford, maybe they would make a sale.---dont go there.

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