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I went to Dorian Ford, MI, hoping to buy a vehicle featured in their sale ad. The salesman said he could not "figure out the numbers" to get to the sale price for that car. On the phone, later that day, he stated to me that he did not know if the dealership even had that car. He wanted another salesman to call me in two days.

Two days later I returned to Dorian Ford and spoke with the second salesman. His excuse for my not being able to buy the vehicle for the advertised sale price was that I did not have "owner loyalty." Owner loyalty was not mentioned by the first salesman.

My trade in would have been a Ford vehicle. I have owned and leased Ford vehicles for 30 years. I am a Ford retiree with 34 years in their employ.

Evidently, that is not enough owner loyalty.

Later that day I called other Ford dealerships. Each one said they could not match Dorian's advertised sale price on that vehicle. One salesman told me the "owner loyalty" stipulation is "just a come on." He stated the the owner loyalty rebate "COULD" mean that I must have the exact same make of vehicle, for my trade in, as the advertised sale car. Why is the owner loyalty subject to different interpretation? And why is it not explained on the ad? Another salesman told me that comparable vehicles should not differ that much in price at any Ford dealership.

Dorian Ford's ad was misleading and confusing. I feel they had no intention of selling that vehicle at the advertised price. And they put me off for two days by the first salesman stating he did not know if they even had that car but leading me to believe a second salesman, in two, days could find out if they had the car.

I never actually saw the advertised vehicle at the dealership. I won't do business with them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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My wife and I brought in a van because the lease was soon to be over. We were told that the lease would be washed out and we would only pay for the new lease.

Three weeks later, we get a $450.00 bill from the bank for the old lease. The salesman and the sales manager completely deny that they said we owe nothing.

These guys are shady, misleading, and will lie right to your face to make a sale. :(

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