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My Escape after 12 years of great service failed its first emissions test. I had known the engine was misfiring (I could hear it) so this repair was not unexpected.

I brought the vehicle to the Service department and Barry advised me that there may be a delay. I left the vehicle over the weekend - and they did not repair anything (including the front stabilizer bar that was recalled by the manufacturer). On Monday, Barry called to advise me that I was looking at a repair bill of approximately 1k dollars! As I have had very few repairs on this vehicle (12 years old at 134k miles) - I decided to go ahead and have the vehicle repaired.

I was advised that I could pick up the vehicle late Tuesday - but I had to work late - so I picked up the vehicle the next day. Barry called to advise me that there was an issue with the exhaust system that would also require repair. I was surprised because this was never mentioned during earlier conversations. I asked if it would pass emissions testing - and he sounded pretty "iffy." I was concerned.

I pick up the vehicle the next day and when I attempted to drive it - it would barely go! I could not get the vehicle over 25mph at 3k rpm! I was furious! My vehicle had never run so poorly prior to this 1k dollar repair!

I returned to the service department immediately - and commenced to "pitching a fit!" The mechanic (Mike) tried numerous excuses and tried to hang the whole mess on an after market air filter installed by Jiffy Lube! I demanded to speak to the service manager (Jaime) who also tried myriad excuses for my very poor experience! He stated that I had not properly maintained the vehicle and I advised him that was very interesting because this particular dealer had replaced the alternator a couple of years ago. The spark plugs should have been changed then - had they done the repair properly!

We agreed to split the costs of bringing the repair up to speed and Jaime NEVER apologized for my very poor service experience. I will never bring my car back to this dealer to take another swing at it again! AVOID this dealer because they are dirty, underhanded, and engage in dishonest practices! I will be reporting them to FORD!

UPDATE: I would give them a "0" rating if that was possible. I received a call from Mike Naughton Ford to purchase my Ford Escape (3.00V6 4x4). I explained to Lavonne (the telemarketer) the whole fiasco noted above and finally - someone apologized for my poor service experience. She asked me if I wanted to sell my Escape.

I have been thinking about this - so I advised her that I was interested. She made a so-called "VIP" appointment for me with Mark and Aaron on 08/04/2014 at 10:30am. We arrived at the dealer on time and were unpleasantly surprised to note that they had a 2013/2014 Ford Escape sitting in the customer parking area. I had already informed Lavonne that I was not purchasing another vehicle because I already had another SUV in my possession that is also paid for.

We walk into the dealership and ask for Mark or Aaron. Mark stated he would help us and directed us to the desk area. After I advised him that THEY called me - and I was interested in selling my vehicle. This so-called sales person asked me how many miles the vehicle had.

I advised him that I had 135k (which of course if low miles for a 2002 Ford Escape.) After I advised him that I had no interest in selling the car - he told me they could only offer wholesale prices. This is ridiculous. I advised him that I checked their inventory and as recently as 08/2/2014 they had a 2003 Mazda Tribute (which incidentally is the same vehicle as the 2002 Ford Escape) listing at over 10k. Once "Mark" figured out I wasn't interested in giving away my vehicle - or buying their overpriced Escape - he was almost rude in his haste to get me and my sister our of the dealership.

I will be reporting these incidents to the manufacturer - I will never purchase another Ford. If you want excellent customer service - buy a Mercedes. There ARE Mercedes built in the USA, and you don't have to tolerate this *** from the service department or the dealer.

Please, please, avoid this dealer if you don't want issues in the future! « show less

Monetary Loss: $500.

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