Ford 2005 F250 4x4 super duty ,violent shaking. On Sat May 30th at approx 11:00 am pacific standard time, I was traveling on the I 280 south freeway with my daughter to a soccer tournament in my 2005 F250 4x4 super duty truck.

We were in cruise control going approx 55 mph. We drove over what I believe was a large expansion joint on the freeway. Immediately after we traveled over joint, the vehicle start to violently shake and vibrate. After a tense moment of complete terror as the vehicle became extremely difficult to control and continued to shake violently we came to a unsafe stop on the freeway.

After the complete stop, I immediately had to speed up again to prevent being rear-ended in the middle of the freeway. The rest of the trip was spent white knuckled traveling well below freeway speeds for fear of another episode of shaking. Every bump in the road was a scary reminder of what might happen again. My daughter is scared to travel in the truck and my wife has demanded that the problem be addressed immediatley,or "sell the *** truck" .

This is not an isolated incident. Ford Motor Company sent a notice informing me of the problem. They indicated it could be prevented with proper tire pressure. My tires were well within the range of pressure suggested.

I know this because I checked them immediately when I arrived home. This is completely unacceptable and presents a major risk to the driver of these vehicles as well as the surrounding drivers. I almost lost control of my truck and had flashes of my daughter and I never making it home. There was a parent traveling behind us in a truck.

They witnessed the violent shaking and said "i thought your axel was going to come undone and you were going to crash" .This is completely unacceptable and I will be taking my daughters and my experience to as many forums as possible until there is a full recall on these trucks. Ford is completely aware of the situation, don't let them get away this. Anyone with a similar problem must contact the NHTSA and Ford. This problem will eventually lead to someone's death.

This is a truly dangerous vehicle and should be removed from the road..

Approximate Incident Date: 5/30/2009

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Having exact same issue with a 2017 Ford F350 second tome to dealer with 2 calls to Ford and yesterday I was told theres nothing wrong with the truck! After they had it for 3 days...

I then showed them the youtube video of other 2017 F250 and 350's with the DEATH WOBBLE as its referred to! And today I'm told theres a TSB on the issue and there waiting on parts (SHIMS) I was told..I bother to search for these posts and add my own to get the word out there because I can't believe how long this issue has been going on and I cant believe the ignorance I've gotten about my concern and complaints!The last thing I want to do is tie up my 80K truck at a dealership where its likely to get damaged sitting in the lot over an imaginary problem! They know about the problem and I'm amazed its still occurring especially after a major redesign...I've read so many reports and supposed causes IE: just about every front end part on the truck can cause this ect ect, but having owned several Ford super dutys and knowing countless others who do as well I believe its an assembly problem!Example, I know someone who bought 4 2014 F350 crew cab pickups and 2 of the 4 do it.I had a 2014 F350 and never had the issue driving the truck to 50K at speeds of 85 often.This new truck has never plowed, towed or seen anything in the bed since I drove it off the lot! Its in perfect condition and according to the dealer and the 9 total days they have had the truck to inspect every part on it there are none worn or that need replacing!I have owned Lots of vehicles and more trucks than I can remember!

All vehicles have problems and I could write for hours about countless dollars I've spent on bad designs, defective vehicle issues ect, I could talk about the pains of owning 6.0 diesals that drained bank accounts for very costly repairs but that's just the way it is for us all, my truck has had the sync module crash several times, the steering wheel replaced, the heated seat fixed and its still brand new, all of which are just pains in the *** issues that shouldn't be but usually are in most of the vehicles you can buy! The death wobble is a legit safety concern and I believe having lived thru it 5 times now a very serious issue and again I'll say I can't believe its still going on after all these years..Ford and the dealers service departments know about this and I take serious offense to having to go thru dangerous driving situations because there willing to tell me theres no problem and or act like they haven't heard of this! If it wasn't for the posts I've found and the youtube videos I would have had my truck back yesterday with out a fix!I have no idea if shims there installing will fix the issue but I'll keep you updated! And to anyone else that's having this problem the more noise the better!

Call FORD for a case number, File a complaint with NHTSA website who will give you a case number and document every trip and result at the dealer then call a lawyer and have FORD put on notice. All these things will force the change or fix needed and or get a much needed recall or buy back for the specific trucks having the issue! As I eluded to before I believe some of the issue is that its clearly random trucks that experience this.

And clearly from my own experience not everyone being built.. I do not buy all of what I read about worn out parts as I've driven plenty of other super dutys with worn out front ends, Also I read about 1 who posted on Facebook stating his did it mile one off the lot...


2008 F250 with violent shakes with the smallest bump on the road. It shakes so violently that items fall out of the door compartments.

Don't know if I should attempt to find the problem or sell it. Ford should be doing something about it.


This just happened (1/1/16) to my husband and I in his 2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty. It was the second time it happened to him (first time I experienced it) and it scared the heck out of me!

We were driving down I-35 and didn't hit anything to cause the sudden violent shaking of the truck.


Had the EXACT same thing happen with my 2006 F250 SD. Letter from Ford about tire pressure was insulting.

I think they have a design flaw in the front end geometry where when you hit a bump at a certain angle and certain speed it sets off a resonant gyration in the front end suspension. I am used to driving vehicles on the edge (raced cars) but some rookie is going to panic and this flaw is going to end up with dead bodies.

Ford should be sued into oblivion if that happens - they have received many many complaints about this - and sent us a "pump up your tires" letter. Are you f*****g kidding me?


I have a 2005 F-250, crew cab, diesel, Lariat I've babied since I purchased it when new. I'm extremely disappointed with this truck.

Between the violent front-end shake and the sorry 6.0 liter diesel I've had it with FORD vehicles. At 62,000 miles I've just had the head bolts replaced, and other extensive engine work including many FORD recommended updates to make the vehicle serviceable and reliable. That set me back $4200.00.

I've not sought-out the fix for the front-end and I do not expect FORD to be involved in that effort.

Like other FORD owners I too got the "check your tire pressure" letter. FORD...you should be ashamed.


I havent experienced the violent shaking yet but all four of my rims are warped on my 2005 F250 Super Duty causing it to vibrate at 47 mph. As I was having my tires replaced the tire shop guys showed me they are all warped by spinning them on the balancer.

The truck and rims only have 57K miles. Not sure if it is a manufacture defect or not.


Ford not reporting safety issues to the public seems to be a LARGE issue. I guess they don't want to admit to them.

These parts are anywhere from 20 to 300.

My electronic trottle body is only 200.00 and they haven't been able to get it for 45 days! See my post on Ford wanted me to sign away my rights for a loaner.


My dad's 2005 F150 does the same exact thing. He refuses to drive it.

The truck has been sitting since last September when his started to do that and he is scared of it.

He drives his old beat up 1982 Dodge pickup now and never has a problem with it. Ford needs to address their problem before someone does die.

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