I have a 2011 ford fusion with 36600 mile. I was driving the car and lost the ability to accelorate.

Thankfully I was able to coast to the side of the road safely. After the ford checked out the car I was told the throttle body needed replaced. However, this part is on manufacturer backorder with NO RELEASE DATE! As an upstanding member of society I need a vehicle to drive to work to pay for this 2yr old car!

No loarner has been given to me. This is very poor customer serivce!

I could deal with it if I knew it was going to be a week but NO RELEASE DATE???!!! What am I supposed to do?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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Spring Arbor, Michigan, United States #711550

My 2010 Mercury Millan (certified pre-owned) have the same problem. Happened on August 30th, 2013 (labor day weekend Friday about 5:00pm) at about 39000 mile. The vehicle engine would not run over 2000 Rpm during a drive at 40mph. No matter how hard push the gas paddle, it did not accelerate. After pushed the brake, slowed down and stopped the vehicle, engine still would not run over 2000 Rpm. Then I put the shift in Parking, turn off engine (using key), restart it, the engine had choke sound and would not run over 1500 Rpm. I had to park it off the road at a curve, a gentle man saw it and helped me to park my car in his driveway. Fortunately no one hurt. Because it was Labor Day weekend, and the dealership going to close, so we paid for the towing truck to drop us off at home first, and towed the car to dealership.

When the incident happened, it had me, my wife and 2 children in the car, and happened when I drove the vehicle across the railroad cross.

I am filing this in safercar.gov.

The North Carolina Consumers Council (NCCC) has officially petitioned the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) for a defect investigation of alleged throttle body failures in 2005-2012 Ford Escape vehicles sharing the same or substantially similar part.


Same thing happened to my 2011 Ford Escape at 40,000 miles. Car is sitting at the dealership, without any rental assistance and no idea when part will be in.


It appears when there is a safety issue Ford would be a little more concerned!! Not a happy customer.

Arlington, Virginia, United States #685312

Same issue. I was driving at 60 mph in the highway when the vehicle stalled. I lost ability to accelerate. I was able to restart the vehicle after it stopped. I drove the vehicle at reduced speed to the dealership. They mentioned that the whole throttle body needs to be replaced. It will cost me $530.00. It has been one week and the vehicle has not been fixed yet. They said that the part is hard to find.

Super pissed with Ford. They need to recall this *** and fix it ASAP.

to ***ed Customer #685677

The throttle body went out on my Ford Five Hundred. I called Community Ford in New Albany, Ms.

where I bought it. One man said they were 9000 throttles behind. Then another man said that was the number behind they were on the Fusions. They could get mine.

My car had a recall on the throttle body and I had the recall letter in my hand. They actually extended the warranty on the throttle body up to 150,000 miles. My car has a little over 80,000 miles on it. But they will not honor the recall or the extended warranty.

So, I was out $1020.00 on the throttle body. Good luck to you in getting your car fixed.

Vermontville, Michigan, United States #677086

Omg!! The same thing happened to me just last week.

Thank God I only made it to my corner. Had mine towed to the dealership, was also told it was on back order, took them 4 days but still no rental for me either. Maybe there should be a recall?? Will be calling Ford to put in a formal compliant.

I will NEVER buy another ford product. Good luck to you, hopefully your out of pocket wont be as much as mine was

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