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Last evening I was going home made a right turn from a very busy 6 lane highway onto an equally 4 lane. In th middle of the turn the engine revved up and the vehicle acted as if it was in neutral.

The digital indicator on the instrument panel showed it was in drive. Then the engine shut down I put trans. shifter in park and it stilled showed it was in drive on the digital readout. I depressed the brake pedal pushed the starter buton NOTHING happened.

I repeated this numerous times and still nothing. To make a long story short after never reaching Ford roadside assistance I called the police as we were in a safety situation and then call my insurance carrier Geico and thru their roadside assistance was able to get car towed to dealer. By this time it was around 10:30pm. I finally arrived home at 11pm a 3 hour ordeal.

I have been on the phone with Ford for an hour.

We will keep you informed. Thanks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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Mobile, Alabama, United States #830284

While driving my 2012 Ford Focus down a busy 4 lane highway it began to downshift very hard, jolting me forward. I found a quick lube (only mechanic near me).

He checked the computer and a ford error code kept showing up that he could not read. When I put the key in the ignition to go to a near by ford dealer, the car would not start. I tried a few times, then finally it started. Then I went to put the car in drive and again nothing, I moved the shifter from drive, to park, to sport mode, and nothing.

Finally I got it in drive and headed straight to the dealer. After a day of head scratching they found that the transmission actuator on my car with only 59k miles on it had gone out. I just got the car from the shop today and now it's revving high, seems to be shifting into wrong gear , and it's struggling to get up hills. Before the actuator went out it at times shuddered terribly in reverse, had issues with shaking, shuddering, and at times grinding noises.

It also would skip gears at times and rolled backwards after letting off the brake. I have always taken it to my Ford dealer to get it fixed, so I'm baffled that Ford did not diagnose this problem earlier, seeing as I mentioned the shaking to them before. I also have trouble keeping tires balanced and having abnormal wear. I baby this car, and get it serviced regularly.

Has Ford gotten so cheap that their vehicles begin having transmission trouble at 59k miles? My next car will be a Toyota.

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