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I brought a new Ford Focus SE from a Twin City dealer. The tires were 80000 Hankook tires. The tires were rotated every 7 thousand miles. The tires were shot at 26000 miles. Ford dealer said that is just how new tires wear. I then went to Discount tires were are the dealers for Hancook tires and the individuals warned me up front that Hankook and Ford will not warrent new tires of Hankooks. Discount tires said they will not sell Hankooks to regular shoppers.

This is the last new Ford I will buy and last Hankook I will ever own.


Monetary Loss: $600.

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tires should not be shot by 26000mls.....i dont believe its your driving..i had the same brand on my car and were nearly worn at 12,000....they r a *** tire and can have blow outs as i have seen an heard...i now have bridgestone....thank god for them and have barely any biggest complaint is when is ford goin to live up to there warrenties and poor quality workmanship...if i wanted a yugo i would hav bought one....not ford tough but tough to argue your point across to...i could chew through leather b4 i got a straight answer from ford ever again.....GO CHEVY!!!! preferred choice in auto's now

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Back in 2006 I bought a brand new Focus SE with the same tires. I have 40K miles on my car now and while I HAVE rotated them every 10K, they are still in very decent shape.

Could it be your driving skills? I'm just sayin...breaking hard, accelrating fast, driving on poorly contructed roads, all of these things will take a lot of life off tires.


so you're blaming ford for crappy hankook tires?

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