Car went into "limp-home" mode at 70 mph. Able to pull over, restart car and drive to dealer.

Dealer (Rye Ford, Rye, NY) found no problem although it is well known and quite common to this car (I found out later) that this is a defective fuel injection throttle body. Happened 2X more and car became undriveable. Part back-ordered in the many thousands as this problem is occurring to many owners. Ford does nothing to help this dangerous situation.

NHTSA has been "investigating" since at least last February but problem has existed for well over a year.

What is NHTSA for if not to force manufactureres to correct dangerous defects? Despicable behavior from a major American corporation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

Monetary Loss: $600.

  • Ford Fusion stalling problem
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