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November 2010 I was warming up my 2011 Escape, which was backed into the driveway beside the house. I had the defrost turned on, including the "heated mirrors". The outside temperature at the time was between -36 to -40.

As I was sitting there, in the vehicle I heard a "crack" .. looked over and the drivers side mirror cracked along the heating element.

I phoned the ford dealer so they could fix it. They couldn't get me in till the following week. Of course, as I drove the mirror cracked more. There was just over 2000km on the vehicle at the time.

When I went to the dealer the warranty department took photos of the entire vehicle... Front, back, both sides, hood, bumpers, both doors and the front and back of the driver's mirror. Apparently ford was hoping there might be damage on the vehicle that they could say caused the broken mirror.

I waited over three months for a reply, only to find out that the warranty department needed more photos! Maybe they thought if they waited long enough I would get a scratch on the vehicle.

First week of March 2012 I went back in so that they could take MORE photos! Again, they took pictures of the front, side, back, both doors, bumpers, hood, and both sides of the mirror. Still there is NO damage for them to blame the broken mirror on!

I phoned in April.. still no answer from the warranty bean counters. May, still no answer!!! Finally, the vehicle was heading in for an oil change, mid June... so I asked them to check into it.

7 months later............. I was told that the mirror is not covered under warranty because the break is from a road hazard!!! Really!!! Give your head a good shake!

I asked the dealer if they told the warranty bean counters I was backed into my driveway, warming it up when the mirror cracked? And that I was sitting there and saw it crack? They said yes.

I then asked them... Do they not realize that if it was a road hazard, it would have to have damage on the other side.. say for instance... the direction the rocks would be coming from? Last time I checked it was illegal to drive backwards down a road at such a speed for flying rocks to damage the inside of a door mirror. I did not receive an answer to that question. Just a blank look from the warranty department personnel, and a "No Kidding!!" statement from one of the mechanics that were standing behind me.

So... does this mean that FORD is now calling their customers liers? It sure doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that I have paid over $30,000 for a vehicle that obviously isn't worth it... plus bought the extended warranty, plus extra protection plan... just to be called a lier.

FORD.... you should hang your head in shame!!!

Just from the personal hassle I have received with my vehicle you have lost at least three sales that I know of. I realize you probably do not care at this point, but I promise you... if your lack of consideration and continuous lies continue, you will care.

As long as I keep receiving appalling customer service, I promise to continue sharing my stories.

If you continue to hide behind your bogus "road hazard" excuse for everything... you may have to change your name to EDSEL!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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