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Bought F150 used, in what appeared to be mint condition. I'm a maintenance fanatic, it's been pampered and serviced more than necessary.

Engine started ticking, dealership says it's bearing failure, their Ford techs admit this is a problem with this engine. BEWARE, DON'T BUY ONE OF "FORD'S DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS". Shame on any automotive manufacturer who can't build an engine that won't go much over 100K.

I, my wife, and all 3 of our adult kids have Fords in our garages, and have had for years. This is the end of an era for the "blue oval" in our family!

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Yonkers, New York, United States #1291751

I couldn't agree more. These 5.4 3v engines from 04 through 08 should all be gathered up by Ford and replaced with the fixed engine.

There will hopefully be a class action lawsuit formed on behalf of all the people that have had to deal with their dirty little secret engine. Mine is an 04 with 106000 miles that is junk now just 26 months after I bought it with 87000 miles on it. Just about to do the 3rd oil change since I've owned it.

Now the engine just fell apart internally. Just lovely Ford.


I know this is an old post but i figure id tell my experience with the junk 5.4 3v.I must be one of the lucky ones ive got 166k on my 05 fx4 . Plugs, passenger side header, radiator and a new front end only things ive had to change.

the 97-03 had the spark plug shooting out of the head not the 04-08 body style. Ive pulled out over 10 trucks out of the mud had my cousins 05 lariat f150 barried to the frame in mud the 5.4 3v got er done. Pulled a 2wd 2013 ram quad cab up an icy hill. pulled a 3 horse slant trailer a few times with it.

went mudding in it a few times. Trucks done everything ive needed it to do no cam phaser issues.

Everett, Washington, United States #750548

should have bought a Chevy. I'm a mechanic not a Ford dealer technician and I constantly see blown spark plugs and bad cam Sout of the Ford 5.4 litre gasoline engine... the other biggest issue with navigators and expeditions is typically the air suspension failing


I have a lincoln navigator 2009 5.4L 3valve , 94,000, regular maintenance. With no warning light etc., took to dealer for hesitations in engine .

Bad cam phasers, needs whole new engine for 8K! manufacturer refuses to do anything since out of warranty. Pitiful. This is my first Ford .

Will never buy ford again! They do not stand behind their product!


Hey I bought a 2004 5.4 3v f150 used with 110k thing ran great until 140k when the first cam phaser (variable timing sprocket ) went causing the timing chain to stretch.

$1250 dollars later and another 20k on the engine the other cam phaser went along with the intake manifold gasket and the 4 catalytic convents that got ruined running lean I'll never trust ford ever again


Hi Have a 2003 F350 work truck has 280,000 miles on it and runs great!!! probably will go another 200,000.

Doesn't use or leak a drop of fluid.

Truck is use daily for construction, hauling and snow plowing. It's all in how you treat the engine on how long it will last.

to Mark Denver, Colorado, United States #673178

F350 does not have a *** 5.4 L ford engine that blows spark plugs out of it's engine. I bet you have a diesel. A better choice..


I have a a 3v 5.4 that i rebuilt the right way by ford specs. not by anybody else.

The motor is great on gas mileage which is at 18. Have not had a problem with it since.

Has for the pulling the heads with out pulling motor is false I have pulled the heads without pulling motor. Ford is still the best auto maker out there.

to Jake Middletown, New York, United States #595813

I thank you for that comment about 5.4 3v , I have 1 i just got it, a 2004 f-150 or the 5.4.3v good eng?


This one is junk at 70,000 miles, broken rocker arm, killed the camshaft and intake valve. Can't pull the head without pulling the whole engine out. Can you say "*** *** DESIGN?!!!" :(


Too bad, you have to wait for the car from China, it has life time guaranty. :grin :p

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