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I am writing this letter to expose an issue with Ford Five Hundred rear brakes. I purchased a used Five Hundred with 15,000 miles on it. After washing the car I would always notice a heavy residue of dust on the rear wheels after a short distance of driving. I just assumed that it was normal brake dust but after complete brake failure at 27,000 miles I realized that this was a sign that there was a flaw in Ford’s design. I brought the car in for work and was told that I needed new brakes and rotors and it would cost $350.00 to do the repair. The service technician, Eric Schmit, at Friendly Ford in Roselle IL, said that there was a large number of problems with the Five Hundred and its sister car the Ford Freestyle that uses the same brake system. Not satisfied with the answer I received, I called 800-241-FORD and spoke with a gentleman named Paul and he said there were many issues with these brakes and that the design was changed on the 2006 models.

Needless to say there is obviously an issue with these brakes and Ford is not standing behind their products. It is no wonder why they are in the trouble they are in, and I for one will never purchase another Ford product.

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Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #619149

I have a 2005 500 limited AWD and at 30K the rear calibers, rotors and pads have to be replaced. I'm wondering what others are replacing them with other than Motorcraft because I sure don't want their parts anymore.


2007 five hundred bought used with 10,000 miles on it in 2008. have owned for about 4 years, have 60,000 miles now.

no issues. heated seats work, auto start works, replacing brakes now. Has been an unbelievably cheap car to run , especially in hard western Canadian climate.

Maybe my best car ever as far as maintenance. :)


Rear brake history on my 2006 Ford 500 ...

Rear rotors, pads, and calipers replaced under warranty TWICE before 35,000 miles.

ABS controller and brakes lines replaced.

Been through an additional THREE calipers, TWO rotors, FIVE sets of pads on the right rear. And the car has less than 95,000 miles on it.


I forgot to mention that the car had 17,293 miles on it when the rear brakes were replaced.


In March 2007 I purchased a new Ford 500 SEL AWD. I also purchased an extended maintenance plan. Up until September 2011 I have not had a problem with the vehicle and always took it to the dealer for routine maintenance. When I washed the vehicle I noticed a lot of brake dust on the wheels.

In September 2011 the vehicle was in for an oil change and inspection. It was found that thr rotors were warped. The dealership replaced both rear rotors, calipers and brake pads for no cost.

I'll keep a close watch on the brake dust in the future, but I'm disappointed at the quality of of this car.


We've had an '06 500 Limited since new, now about 45k miles and the rear brakes/rotors have been replaced 2x by the dealer now, no charge, they tried to get me the 2nd time, but I had my letter from Ford and stood firm, this happened at about 17k miles, then again at 33k miles. I was told the first time the supplier for the pads made them too soft and the new ones were 'improved' but I don't think they really were, until the 2nd time.

Every time I washed the car, there was enormous amounts of brake dust coming from the rear wheels, but no more, and the last I checked, it appeared we had about 2/3 of the pads left.

This car has been wonderful otherwise, and Ford took care of us, but we did have to fight with them the 2nd time. I think we'll get a semi reasonable service life out of the current set, and the front brakes are still original, The only of many cars I have ever had that wore out rear before front, makes me wonder if they proportion a bit too much pressure to the rear, perhaps trying to keep the front end dive to a minimum when braking?


2007 model definately has break problems, also. The rust on the rotors is something I have noticed in the past. Just had my rear brakes done and now my front rotors are making the car shake.

Is there anyone who can tell me who to talk to get reimbursed for this defect?


I have a close friend that I advised to purchase a new Ford Five Hundred in 2005, she had NEVER had a Ford product until this one.

This car was a good design in most cases, BUT, the rear brakes are a real problem, noy just the pads, but the rotors also.

My friend is very unhappy with the brake problem and a 50,000 miles the cpmputer just died, and I think that is programed, because I had one to do the same.

I have driven Fords for years and have got a lot of family driving them, but Ford is going to have to take care of it's problems or I will look elsewhere.


I purchased my 2005 Five Hundred Limited AWD new in August of 2005. Generally, the car has been very good (essentially, just basic maintenance).

Yes, I had the problem with my rear brake pads burning up by 15,000 miles and replaced them with Wagner Thermo Quiet pads. After submitting my repair garage\'s bill to the dealer, Ford reimbursed me since they knew there was a problem and I was the original owner. Let\'s face it, Ford didn\'t make any money off the people who bought a used Five Hundred (and they sure weren\'t going to pay for their repairs). With almost 60,000 miles now, the front brakes are untouched and I\'ve had no more issues with the rear brakes (this with heavy stop and go traffic in the tristate area).

The issue stemmed from the vendor that made the rear pads for Ford (surprise, car manufacturers don\'t make all their own parts!). Too bad they weren\'t originally of the same quality as the front pads (they never dusted the wheels and are going strong).

At 30,000 miles I also had to replace the Pirelli P6s (they were a soft compound and didn\'t last) with Michelin HydroEdges (very good in the dry and rain, but only fair in the snow and ice). I don\'t foresee any major problems and intend to keep the car to 100,000 miles, especially with comparable vehicle replacement costs being over $40,000.00.


The first report says that Ford fixed this after 2005, well our 2007 500, purchased with 12,000 miles, had the the rear brakes replaced at 27,000 miles! It was suggested it was "driving style", to which it was replied that our 2005 Honda Pilot had 80,000 miles and the brakes are still fine. Very disappointing that Ford did not stand behind this, my cost was $321.00.


Same problem with rear brakes on 500. I am looking at the second replacement of the rear brakes and have not yet had to replace the fronts. I will NEVER buy another Ford and will tell everyone within 100 miles of me the Ford way.


I have an '05 limited. At 28,000 miles I heard a rolling noise at every stop!

Rear brakes had to be totally replaced(under warranty, thank God) Drivers side seat heater has gone out twice. I live in CA for crying out loud.

It's not like I am heating the seats all the time. I now have 38,000 miles and other than the above I love my car.

Desoto, Texas, United States #89859

My Ford was making strange noises. I was too late before I realized my 500 was a transformer.

Darn thing transformed with me in it. I think it was a deceptican.


I too have a Ford 500 and the samething happen with my rear brakes but didn't notice until 40,000 miles. Was told by dealer and Ford Customer Service that there was an extended warranty put on the rear brakes for 3 years/ 36,000 miles.

It cost me $365.00 for both rear pad replace and only one rotor. And was told by Ford that there was nothing they could do because the extended warranty had expired. So because they put poor quality of parts on their vehicles the comsumer has to pay for it. I was told that the new pads put on my car were up graded.

They also said maybe my driving habits were the cause of it. This is the first vehicle I have had with that low of mileage that I have had brake problems. I have had vehicles not FORDS with twice the mileage and have had nothing done to the brakes.

This is the last FORD I will be buying also and would not recomend one to my worst emeny. I also got a survey from Ford on the dealing I had with the Customer Service person I spoke to and agian I was able to tell them what I thought of their vehicle, not that it did any good.

Oneida, Wisconsin, United States #11754

I have a 2007 500 SEL and with 20,000 highway miles, it has the exact same problem. The dealer I bought it from gas been swallowed up in the Ford selloutathon and nobody else is willing to fix it unless I am willing to pay $500.00 for new rotors and pads.

I will never ever even think of purchasing another Ford. Keep wondering why the American car companies are going to be extinct???????

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