Ford Car Repair Reviews

Took it back and he said there was a code on the dash display so he called ford. they told him it was the bend door. he replaced that ($150). picked it up the next day, still blowing hot air. he thought he may have gotten a bad part so he changed out the bend door again. STILL blowing hot air. Now he thinks it might be temp control head. HELP I am a single mom who lost my mom and boyfriend within 5 months of one another to cancer. I cant keep...
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Angry Ford Vehicle owner, 10/19/16 My power steering goes out each year, displaying on my dashboard to "service advancetrac" and service power steering. I have been having this issue for 3 years now. It is very difficult to turn the steering wheel. The first time this issue occurred, I paid Metro ford ( located on 6455 S Western which is where I take my vehicle for service), five hundred dollars to repair my vehicle. The second time this...
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Anonymous This is a update. My steering is still messed up. Still no word from Ford!!!

I didn't like
  • Terrible customer service and poor quality focus
my name is stephanie tullison and i have a ford fiesta and it a recall on it something to with the clutch concerning my transmission so when i took it to autofordnation in memphis tn in the month of may the man that lookk at my car mr.Bill he said he would order the part and that its ok for me to drive my car so i been driving my car and i hav÷ called all this summer to see if my part have came but evrytime i call they take my name and number...
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I would like to go on record about the extremely poor service I received from the Varsity Ford Service Center in College Station, Texas. I have never been more disappointed in service especially considering the thousands of dollars I have spent with the center over the years with all three of my Ford vehicles. I waited all day for information on my vehicle that never came. I stated this morning that an assessment of repairs were very...
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