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I have used total 3 vehicles from ford and was satisfied till i was in hyderabad but after i have come to gurgaon i have has a really bad bad experience related to general service and works related to body shop. I had an accident on 24 th april and gave my car the same night to the harpreet ford service station in gurgaon. Today is 2 nd june and i have still not got my car back. Apart from that the total amount i have to pay is about 95 k in indian currency and still the guys from ur service center have not rectified the ac problem. They say that there is no impact on the ac so the same can not be claimed under insurance. I told them to let me know the problem in that case because if it was not because of the accident then i was curious to know what was the problem because earlier there was no complain of ac before the accident . i waited for more than a week and after my continous follow up they told me that entire ac system will change i.e compressor, condensor ,coils and some other things. I sense some mal pracrice there as before the accident the ac was absolutely fine and they say there is no damage due to accident in the ac then how come with my car in the service centet my cars ac totally went off. And in the meanwhile when all the body work was over ..... I visited the service center and what i saw was totally unbelievable .... Ur service center guys themselves had hit my car and they were repairing that..... Highly un professional approach...... I will get my car tomm without the ac but i can guarantee u that u have lost a very faithfull customer of urs.




Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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