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I purchased a 2014 Ford Focus in December 2014 at Calvacade Ford in bracebridge. Since then my car had to go into the dealership in June to have the transmission reprogrammed, the passenger side inside door panel replaced as the trim kept falling off and the bolts on the heat sheild replaced as they we falling out already.

My problem with the transmission still continued it would shutter as I drove and when stopping and going it felt like it would going to stall. Then in August I go out to my 7 month old car with 10,000 kms to go to work and I have a flat tire thinking I must have ran over something took it to a tire repair shop to have it fixed only to find out that the valve stem was faulty causing the tire to go flat. So I took the car to brant county Ford in Brantford to find out that the clutch needs to be replaced, the sway bar at the back needs to be replaced and the the trim on the inside of the other doors need to be replaced. And of course all the parts are on back order so I take the car home and two days later in driving home from work and the check engine light comes on.

I contacted Ford head office and spoke with Matt who apparently is one of the managers at Ford and he says to me what would you like Ford to do??? We are paying for the car to be fixed it's not coming out of your pocket. Are you serious???!?? That's the response I get for a brand new car with 10,000 kms and it has so much wrong with it and Ford as me what I want them to do.

Clearly it's a very poorly made vehicle but yet Ford is not willing to replace the car or buy it back, I'm just suppose to accept that they sold me a very poorly made vehicle but still take my $25,000 dollars I paid for it. Very poor service and made cars don't buy a Ford!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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They need to deep six the DCT, on the Fiesta/Focus!

Moab, Utah, United States #1024878

I have the same problem with my 2012 Ford Focus. I had leaking oil seal in the drive train.

And had my clutch pads in my transmission. And now my car has shutting or hesitating. When stop and go.

Now my check engine light is on and now I got to have more work on my transmittion. Electronic moldule

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