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My husband is paying for a 2013 cymax hyrid that he purchased in October2014.He has a warranty on the car. most of the time when he takes his car for tuneups , 30,000 mile or more maintenance.He has to pay hundreds of dollars.He came for a 55,000 mile maintenance and He was told that it would be $500.Why pay for warranties ,if you are going to e charged for the service of your car.Please donot find ways to increase the service price of...
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Ford needs to seriously rethink their current position on parts they claim are maintenance items, that go bad way before they should. Otherwise, they should be listed on the schedule of items to be replaced at certain mileage or time frames. Sorry needing to replace O Ring Bushings on A/C lines at 50,000 miles on a $50,000 Explorer which is five years old is a defect not maintenance. Great way to by pass a $2,800 extended warrantee purchase,...
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