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I am a current owner of a 2004, Eddie Bauer Edition Explorer I can honestly say that it has become the worst vehicle that my family has ever owned. The vehicles problems have been endless:

Replacing the transmission at 56k miles cost $3537 on Aug 31 2006, then the explorer would not shift from park on November 01, 2006, requiring $259 to replace parts. Again on May 23, 2007 the explorer would not come out of park, requiring replacement of more parts for a cost of $190. Currently the rear air vents make a loud clicking noise when engaged, for an estimate cost of $350, and the driver's side seat heater stopped working.

Currently the transmission is leaking, and will require work. Ford Integrity, Spearfish South Dakota has told me that it is leaking in a "bad place" and made an appointment for January 6, 2008. Of course the new transmission is not covered under warranty, my second transmission was done when Ford offered the 3 year, 36k plan, if the work would have been completed the next day, September 1, 2006 it would have been covered under the 3 year 75k plan. I was told to call Ford and ask if they would stand behind their product and allow me a one day grace period to have the transmission covered.

I made the phone call to 1 800 392 3673 and after a few directions I spoke with a representative named Cassandra. She was anything but helpful and simply informed me that there was no one in the Ford Cooperation that could authorize such a request. I asked to speak to someone else and she allowed me to speak to a woman named Jessica. Jessica not only confirmed what Cassandra said, she began to lecture me on how it is my responsibility to fix the car and that I should have known better since I signed the agreement. She simply insulted my intelligence and rudely told me that Ford will not consider helping me in any way.

As a patriot I would I love to buy American made automobiles and support the hard working people at Ford Motor Company. As a veteran who served 20 years in the US Marine Corps I can not afford buying your automobiles or stand to be insulted by your representatives. In the future my family will seek other auto makers for our transportation needs.

Review about: Ford Car.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

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