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My wife purchased a Ford extended warranty because she knew she was in poor health and wanted our car to be covered for large mechanical repairs. She passed 7/2011, and that warranty has been a royal pain in the butt.

It seems Ford has no central record of who owns these warranties ! I've received numerous offers to extend the coverage which (according to the dealer) doesn't end until late 2015. I've notified the sender of these bogus offers that I'm already covered and even wrote to Ford asking why I receive them. There was no response.

This week, I received yet another warning that my coverage will end soon. There was one incident at the local dealer that revealed Ford has no records on it's computer system to identify those who have coverage. One service rep. looked at his computer and said he saw no coverage.

On my next visit, a more helpful rep. found the coverage and provided details. I'm wondering how many people paid for repairs that should have been free?

All this has me, a long time Ford fan, ready to bolt for another, more customer-friendly manufacturer.

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Thanks. just wonder why Ford, aware of the problem, doesn't take action to stop them ?

The senders make it look as if Ford is behind them which would usually result in a company response since it casts a bad image on the company. I could see where a threat of legal action could stop these jokers.


You need to Google this. This is a well known marketing practice by various "warrenty" companies.

Postcards right?

These notices are NOT coming from Ford, they're designed to scam people into thinking they're official notices. Just ignore them.

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