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Ford Motor Company knew in the development stage of this switch, that it leaked, and that this leak could cause fires.The switch developed by Texas Instruments was in my 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII.

on the 9Th day of December My son was driving a friend home, and the car caught fire. Payton pulled off the road, but the break-line had already burned thru, with a fire under the hood,and without breaks, they hit a tree. Payton tried to help his friend get out of the window, but the smoke and fire overwhelmed them both.

My car was recall 7 months later in August of 2007.

It is June 19Th 2009 now, and Ford denies, and pushes the blame anywhere but to themselves.

This fire was not a rare occurrence, many people have lost, everything, and Ford gets away with it, because the cars/trucks are junked and crushed before, the victims , know what really happened, then it's to late, the evidence is gone.

Ford has sat back and let loyal customers die, over a $20.00 part.Please boycott Ford Motor Company.

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I want to say I'm sorry for the sloppy writing, sometimes I type in the dark, or type to fast. The worse is when I start to cry,but I want to make the statement so I try to continue. I am thankful my story is reaching so many families, so you are warned of the dangers of this defective cruise control switch.

i am SO SO sorry for your loss. You will be in my prayers. God bless you and comfort you and send angels around you during this terrible time. S.
I am so sorry to here. I hope that we can get further up the chain with ford. My Electronic Trottle body stuck wide open and ran me out into a major highway. They can't get the part, but the really don't want people to know, they gave me something to sign that I won't tell. Well I am telling!!!What if it was my daughter? She wouldn't have known what to do...I didn't and I've been driving for 25 years!
:sigh Thank you for your comments of support, God knows I need it. I don't know how other mother cope with the brutal murder of their child, but I have taken it very ,very very hard.experiencing complicated grief, and depression. I am sick everyday, with one phically problem after another, broken down. I'm sure That is exactly what Dykema Attorneys desire. 2 people died in the car, Payton's father 50 yrs old died a year later, so his suit against ford was wiped away, He was going to donate his judgement to Paytons project a non-profit Payton started before he died. Building small home for the disabled, elderly, disadvantaged.
The girl's family who died with payton, settled with Ford already. ut not with me.
I guess they want me to die too. That's what would make them happy. I am not a vendictive person, my God tells me to forgive. How can I forgive a corporation that is a serial killer. And they will kill again, they already have a family in Ohio burned to death, whil the father lived. And I read more and more , I feel like I'm not able to reach the people, as much as Ford advertiizes... what a great car they produce. Yes corporate gain has reached deadly extremes.Please boycott Ford Motor company tell your friends the truth. Ford is ruthless criminals, that should be in jail. Someone has to take responsibility.. I truly hope, and pray My noise on -line in television will save someones child.
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:cry God Bless you. I have always been a Ford owner,just bought a new car,too bad I did not see this FIRST...
would like to thank you all for your kind words. I miss Payton everyday, I miss him in stages, last night I missed the little 8 year old that use to run and tattle on his older brothers. I remember counting the few freckles on his baby faced cheeks. Now all I have is a box of ashes,for raising a child for 22 years.
It is my prayer that all who read this boycott Ford Motor Company, and save lives. Payton isn't Michael Jackson, he didn't get the media coverage, tons did not morn his death, but he was my star,my son that was taken away because of corroporate greed and people need to know this truth.
Thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully other lives will be saved and no one else will have to endure another horrible tradgedy.

You have my sincerest condolences.
What a terrible thing to happen to an unsuspecting teen and the company not taking responsibility for something that was wrong with something in a line of cars they made, they should have recalled it before this happened.
Delicia Lewis
:sigh Thank you for such a kind message.
That is a horrible story. I've know about this recall for many years. I thought I'd taken care of the it, but then got a letter of recall for the orginal recall. I had spend many nights sleeping thinkng that the problem had been taken care of (as a parkhost --I spend as much as four mouths at at time in the RV). I hope that the second recall (leaking fluid on the cruise control harness) is now taken care off...I am going to be spending another two months in my rv this summer. No "settlement" can comensate you for your loss. The pressure for corporate gain has reached deadly extremes...I am sorry for your loss of loved ones.

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