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I bought this car a year ago and have been making complaints since I got it. It is like a standard transmission that is being put out as a automatic.

I take my foot off of the break and it back up. It drives like standard and makes my stomach sick. I complained the first week I got it to the dealership and they said just drive it and u will be ok. so now most of the time it is sitting in my driveway.

I made a complaint to the complaint department and they said they have gotten alot of complaints about it and well just too bad for me. I am so upset also with the gaz smell. I have not gotten any help from anyone.

Does anyone know where I can call to make a bigger complaint. I have had it they know it is not a good transmission but they sell these cars even though they get all these complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Yes i know next time will be Kia, I have always had Kia

Buy KIA :) :) :)

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