I leased a ford focus February 2011 I was lied to the moment I walk in the door. I was told I could purchase the focus at 4.5 then they came back and said you need to lease knowing I do a substantial amount of driving .

I knew I should have walked out it was the first year the focus was reinventd it never revived 40 miles per gallon none of the focus do maybe 32 and that's doing 70 on the highway. Also the sells person keep asking for more money downwhich ever effected my price I waked out giving up 1,769 a payment of 245.00 a lemon of a car . The cars transmission was sliping 'from day one .they refuse to fix it. The car roles back words and it is a automatic.

Then I go to turn in my lease they say by appointment only. It is already due every moment I drive it I pay for miles! Ford credit took all day would not finace me! I never missed a payment the whole two years!

After I finally turned it in the changed the price on the vehicle from the agreement amount of 15,000 to 12,000 i walked away. You are crooks and thieves how you all sleep at night is beyond me. You are cold rude and crude. The dealer ask how will you get around?

I said does it matter? I guess not I am on a disbility and have breathing problems so cold and heat do not help my lungs so thanks Ford motor for your cooperate greed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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