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I received a letter in the mail saying that my vin number fell under the FIELD SERVICE ACTION NUMBER: 14M01, FSA TITLE: TRANSMISSION CLUTCH SHUDDER / TRANSMISSION INPUT SHAFT SEAL WARRANTY EXTENSION on my 2012 Ford Focus. I had noticed for awhile before I received the letter, that every time I stopped and then accelerated my whole car shook. So I made an appointment at my local dealership to get it looked at and hopefully fixed. (Note: My dealership was nothing but great to me!)

After running the diagnostics they discovered that indeed, my car needed a new clutch. Ford told my dealer that they would have the new part in 3-4 days. Eight days of keeping in contact with the dealer they called to tell me I needed to come get my car and continue to drive it broken because Ford wasn't going to be sending them a new clutch anytime soon. In fact, it would be over a month before they might have one to send them.

When I contacted Ford with my frustrations about having a national recall without the available parts to fix it and making me continue to drive a broken car, I received an e-mail back with a bold face lie that stated "Please note that, there are enough parts available to service vehicles that are currently experiencing the issue on the transmission." So, I asked if that was the case then why would it be over a month before they would send one to my dealer to fix my car? The next e-mail the "customer service representative" sent was contradictory to the first and stated that she had contacted my dealer (who was NOT the problem) and that "We are still working with the supplier to determine when parts may be available to service all vehicles."

When I wrote her back to tell her that my complaint was not in fact with the dealer but with Ford because they had a national recall on vehicles and not enough parts. I also pointed out that she had contradicted herself by saying in fact they did have enough parts in the first e-mail and then saying they were trying to determine when parts may be available.

And with their "excellent" customer service I was then sent this joke of an apology generic e-mail......

Hello Brittany,

Thank you for your reply. I apologize that my original response did not resolve your concerns.

Feedback such as yours allows us to examine our practices and policies to ensure that we meet or exceed the expectations of our customers in the future.

On behalf of Ford Motor Company as a whole, we regret the circumstances which caused you to write. We hope that we might have the opportunity in the future to restore your confidence in our products and service.

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.



Customer Relationship Center

Ford Motor Company

Thank you for nothing Ford. Hopefully driving my car with a broken clutch doesn't do any further damage since they don't seem to be too concerned with getting it fixed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

  • 2012 Ford Focus
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I've had the same issue with my 2014 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback. I'm going onto my 4th clutch being installed.

I'm filing a lemon law suit. No care under 40k miles should ever have to have it's clutch replaced, let alone a 4th one. Also have had some suspension noise issues, that Ford can never hear or find a source. 2 serious oil leaks, one intake manifold, one timing cover.

I love the style, handling, etc...

of the car. But enough is enough.


rent a car?


Hi Britney!

I'm going through the same thing over here in California, only Ford never bothered to even send me a recall notice.

Last December I purchased a 2014 Ford Fiesta. The transmission always felt kind of weird, but I honestly thought it was just because I wasn't used to it. It did the same thing yours was doing..if you braked then accelerated, it would shudder, or it would do it if you were creeping along in a parking lot. Mid November it got alot worse...it started to shudder on inclines from 2nd to 3rd and from 3rd to 4th..then finally lurch into gear.

Taking it in almost 3 weeks ago was a scary little adventure. .right before I got it to the dealership, its transmission was all over the place. The 1st time I heard about any sort of known issue was talking to the service writer that night.

The next day I'm called that my car was ready and parts are on order.

I questioned this and after much prying, I learned its my clutch that's on order and they were going to send me home in that thing because it was driveable! I said no way...spoke to the service manager who emailed Ford and got the ok to keep the rental (that I paid for with the extended warranty ). At this time their story was 2 to 3 days...maybe as long as 10. Now I'm hearing that there's cars on the lot waiting over a month for parts.

Totally fed up, I sent Ford an email stating my displeasure with their procedures.

That was a couple days ago. ..not a word back.

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