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Where do they get these engineers from? They should have to drive/work on the vehicles they design.

Have a 2012 Focus. Have had transmission issues since I bought it. I was first told by service that I needed to learn how to drive it. Explained that consumer reports and articles on the internet indicated there was a problem with it.

Was looked at by the service manager at Port Richey Ford like I was an ***. He just smiled. Then I got the recall letter. Supposedly they did an update and it is "fixed" Well, now whenever I am on any unlevel surface and take my foot off the brake or park in my driveway and put it in park, there is a backward lunge.

I asked today, who do I send the ticket to when the car rolls backward and hits the car behind me?

Apparently, the transmission was engineered after a MANUAL tansmission system. Gee, that's a great idea for an automatic transmission!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

Monetary Loss: $23000.

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Same problem with 2015 Ford Focus.

Monetary loss $23,000

Stuck with junk car with $0 resale value

Severe Hardship.

Do not buy Ford...Very dishonest company that refuse to admit dual clutch transmission cannot be repaired.


Never buy Ford unless you want to join our sucker squad.


Same issue in my 2013 focus titanium sedan I know how to drive a dual clutch transmission as I own a another car with a dual clutch transmission I joined the class action lawsuit that was filed and I got the settlement in the lawsuit I think ford should fix the transmission I have to say I have issues and I don't assume it's a automatic I do the clutch and manual shifting so it's a issue with the transmission and not driver


I am suing ford

About 50 trips to the dealer in 2 years, 3 transmission repairs, a gas tank problem because they put plastic gas tanks in my car, trunk would pop ope while you were driving 4 or 5 times a day and Fords wonderful customer service which in my opinion is a middle finger to your face and a Fist up your A**

New Port Richey, Florida, United States #1341106

I have a 2014 Ford Focus x2. and have been taking the car is since I bought it.

1 I was never informed by the sales people about the sit up of the transmission. I have taken it in to have the issue 7 times and only have 56,000 miles on it, It is not from bad driving habits it is from a piece of *** Tranny and the way it is put together.

I have had gone not once but 2 times to their consumer affairs complaint department and was informed and was informed each time that they are not going to do anything about it because the state of Florida does not require them to do anything but repair the issue. So I am getting screwed not only by Ford but also the politians in the state that I live in.


Having same issue took it in for service 5 times before they finally explained that their was a recall on select transmission parts. parts were ordered but after a month still waiting for parts.

also purchased extended maintenance bumper to bumper coverage but ford dealership has repeatedly done what they could to not honor the agreement.

Don't buy a ford.... (Found On Road Dead)

Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, United States #929348

I purchased my 2012 Ford Focus SE brand new with only 4 miles on it. A week after I got it we had a hard rain.

I brought into servicing and told him the seals around the back windows kept popping off and that the rain got in all 4 doors of my car, so badly that I had to vacuum it out and towel dry it. He fixed the window seals and then proceeded to talk to me like I was ***. Said that he had one of his guys bring it through a carwash and absolutely no water got in it. I told him I know what I saw and had to do!

He said there was nothing wrong with the door seals. Well I just paid off my car in full and a week later the air conditioner went out on it, when putting the air or heater on (I live in Louisiana, one day we are in the 70's, the next the 30's)... It makes a horrible loud grinding noise. Also dare I try to merge with traffic or onto the interstate, I will get smashed!

The transmission sucks! It stutters and shakes so badly that I'm actually getting scared to drive it! I called and asked to bring it in, they said my warranty expired (3 days ago).... But I have the extra care package so they can look at my air conditioner, the transmission is on a recall so IF what is wrong falls under the recall they can fix it - and if not ????

Am I responsible for it???? Oh and I have multiple pictures of the water getting in through all four doors- the carpets soaked- so when I asked him if they could fix it or not-he says "Oh no, your warranty is expired and that doesn't fall under the extra care package." I'm like what the ***! I told him what happened when I brought it in before how they vehemently denied that water was getting in it and he says "We have no record of that complaint." REALLY?!?!

Well I am going to try not to raise *** but if my air conditioner is not fixed and my transmission doesn't get fixed and they don't 'recall' that I had them look at the door seals WHILE IT WAS under warranty..... I'm getting a lawyer cause this car and the place I bought it from SUCK! 

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada #849797

Mine is a 2013 Ford Focus Titanium and has the same problem. I look like a teenager just learning to drive stick-shift.

The car constantly needs balancing/alignments b/c transmission is shuttering/jerking/jogging and rolling backwards when I don't want it to.

Yorba Linda, California, United States #687277

I also solved the problem with my 2012 SE transmission. Traded it in for a TC.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #617905

i hate to say it but thats what you get for buying a Ford or GM.

Ford is counting for suckers to buy their car and nothing more.

my 13 year old infiniti drive better than most new GM's

Hollywood, Florida, United States #605486

And now I have to take it to the dealer for a fix and they say I have to leave the car for 2 days, I asked if they would cover a rental or give me a temporary vehicle for the 2 days, but no, unless I have the extended warranty. FORD SUCKS!!!!

Hollywood, Florida, United States #605483

Just leased a 2013 ford focus, and the transmission sucks big time, feels like I'm driving an old car. The car hesitates and has a crackling noise when accelerated.

I have only driven it for 900 miles, I should have gone to Nissan or Toyota. Now I'm stuck with this *** for 3 years.


Solved my 2012 focus problem. Traded it in on a 2012 VW beetle :grin


2013 Ford Focus is no better. I've taken mine it 6 times.

1200 Mile later and I still have not driven that car enough quote from Ford. Ford suck I hope they some how go bankrupt.


press the brake pedal, release brake pedal press brake pedal, oila, the car will stay still a second or two, plenty of time to hit the gas and go.


:p 8) :upset :eek :? Oh my!!!!

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