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I'd like to know everyone's opinion about our horrible experience in Huntington Beach Ford last night. We went in at 5 o'clock, test drive this car and decided to buy it. We went though the whole process, finalized price with all the other fees @ sales department, run credit report, credit application and all that. At about 8 pm finally, we were in the finance department to pay for the car, we cut our check and start signing paperwork. As me and my husband was signing all paperwork (there were about 10 forms), the finance guy received a call from the front office. The finance guy told us to hold on for a minute, as he has to take care of a situation outside. After about 15 minutes the finance guy came back and told us that there is a war-bidding going on outside that someone just walked in and willing to pay $700 more for the car and that since we have not signed the sales agreement/contract agreement, this new customer has the right to bid higher for the car. We thought it was some kind of a bait, so we said no were not doing it, we will pay for the price we agreed that is printed on this deal worksheet. Then the guy said sorry he has to sell the car to this new person that just walked in.

I was in shocked. That was the worst work ethic I have seen in my entire life and it's very sad that I had to experience it in the American car company. We were in there from 5-8:30 pm and I just can't believe they would do such thing especially to a pregnant woman like me.


1. Where the dealer correct that they have the right to sell the car to someone else after we've already cut them a check and in the middle of signing all paperwork.

2.What would you suggest I should do?

I appreciate every input. Thank you all.

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I think you need to move on and grow up! I bet you wanted a trophy for last place when you were a kid!! :cry

Sparky the Car Guy

That seems OUTRAGEOUS that you were approved, in the office to sign, and they changed their mind. You DO have a right to complain, get all your documents together and contact the Attorney Generals office in your state.

to Sparky the Car Guy #806934

Sparky! you don't know what you are talking about! I bet you learned how to purchase a vehicle on yahoo lol :x

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