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I bought a brand-new F -150 got it home parked in my back garage for a week or so before I started driving it I looked under the doors and there is no paint just primer to the back to the dealership they referred me to the service department a guy comes out looks under their day right there is no paint went out to the lot look at a few more trucks came back said there all that way and said to me that is a Ford problem. I said are you serious I spend this kind of money on a brand-new truck in force to cheap paint the doors and you won't do nothing about it.

So the head service manager came out and took pictures he said he would look into it a week or so went by I finally got in contact with him again and he was told by a Ford representative from four that they don't paint underneath the doors because nobody supposed to look under the doors that is what I've been told.

If that's not a *** answer from Ford what else do they neglect spend that kind of money on a new truck and they can even afford to pay the doors. So if you read this and you have a Ford pickup or Ford sport Trac look of the doors and see if you just have primer on the bottom of your doors and he will Wells on the bed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Pickup Truck.

Monetary Loss: $34000.

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Billy Caravelli is a crook!!!

Cool Dudes Auto Financing

Billy Caravelli is a crook!!!

Cool Dudes Auto Financing

1853-A Portage Ave, Winnipeg,

MB, Canada, R3J 0G8


1 855-232-2274


(204) 272-0313

First of all Cool Dudes Auto, the name is a joke in itself

Billy even admitted to selling vehicles with dead transmissions

this is what you get when you buy 2nd hand cars from an auto

dealer who buys scraps at the auction then? tries to sell it as

almost new and overcharge you with extended warranties

Billy Caravelli has a post on ripoff.com when he paid or better still ripped $750 one

singer Aria Johnson, whom Billy says Aria? Johnson ripped him off, but now we can see

that Aria was indeed innocent and scammed by Billy Caravelli

Our cousin worked 19 hours for? Cool Dudes Auto, Billy claimed 4 hours training? and then

tried to *** another 3 hours saying he started 5 minutes late which is not true

Billy ripped off our cousin 7 hours the first pay cheque and 2 more the 2nd pay cheque

on top of? that Christopher his inmate right hand man who sometimes

uses his left with his home made prison tattoos all over his arms and body

way too many to count,

Christopher rips off workers by making them stay past their shift? to

write in all the number of calls by categories, something which should be

done at 845pm and not 9pm, making workers stay an extra 15 minutes for free

by law? there is no free 4 hours training all hours worked must be paid for

not only is his contract so ambiguous and confusing but after pay cheque

Billy the crook Caravelli makes employs sign a waiver saying that they cant

go after Cool Dudes after they got paid, a real Italian *** man Biilly is

Dishonest business practice he had a short Filipino named Edna who was from a

crooked company Paradise Canyon Vacations where she was selling useless $10,0000

travel memberships to seniors for prices? that were way cheaper if they shopped around

Edna was not taking applications but stealing other dealers applications and in doing

so the poor seniors got a bad credit rating for an unnecessary credit check, which the seniors

were not aware of

As for his assistant a 36DD wanna be poster girl , a gold digger living off Billy Caravelli

who apparently doesn't know that Billy ripped off Ara Johnson? $750, but who thinks that Billy

would never ever do that to her as Aria Johnson, "history always repeats"

time for a reality pill Hailey

"Like mother Like Son"

it appears that Billy's mom has taught Billy well how to be crooked

for she is also running the? crooked operation

there is even a sign in the kitchen


The morale behind? the story if your going to buy from someone named

COOL DUDES make sure it is sunglasses or surf boards

and not over priced lemons from a scrap yard auctions


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