I have a 2007 Ford F 350 that Ford has refused to honor their corrosion warranty. Has to be perforated.

The paint exhibits bubbling with rust under paint surface yet not weeping through the paint. Obvious the corrosion is inside out meaning a perforation exists under the paint. I could push a screwdriver through it to the inside. Truck is only 4 years old with no other rust signs - appears the welds on the box side was not treated during/after factory assembly.

After 5 Ford vehicles sadly this will be our last.

After lifelong Top 3 US auto consumer...going Toyota next go round. Later Ford!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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i have a 2012 F-150, noticed rust and paint bubbling under the cab about running boards. Dealer told me when I bought the truck Fords body and paint were warrantied for 5 years. What are my chances ford covers this?


I have a 2011 Ford Edge, I too have perforations coming from the inside of my rear driver fender well. I have contacted Ford and they have denied my claim.

Fords Consumer Affairs contacted me by phone and I was told because it has not "yet" come thru, they cannot and will not honor the warranty. As someone else has said, they are hoping that the bubbles do not burst before the warranty is up.

I have contacted the Ohio Attorney General about this, but my thinking is that they will probably do nothing to help me.


I have a 2005 F150 Supercrew that has just shown signs of inside out rust just behind the rear doors and above the step rails. Based on what I read here, I guess I am SOL!


I ordered a 08 premium Mustang GT and two months after the 3/36 warranty went out I noticed the under hood corrosion. I notified the dealer as I had bought all the additional warranties and protection packages.

Ford will not honor their warranty. the advanced corrosion clearly didn't happen in the last two months yet they insist I am responsible for the repair. I'm 56 now and have owned Ford vehicles my whole life. Well the Daughter just bought her new car and guess what it's not a Ford and this is just the start.

I am in the automotive business and will be spreading the word about Ford and "Quality 1" LOL what a joke. Calling Ford for a remedy is asking for a BS Storm.


Our Saleen has bubbling paint and bare metal on almost every panel. I've talked to a ford body shop & ford themselves, they won't fix it.

The body shop said, that's definitely contaminated metal. Ford is about to get slapped with a lawsuit if everything goes as planned. We were told this is due to contaminated metal, which ford knew about which is the purpose of the useless corrosion warranty. It's going to take more than 5 years in most cases for the corrosion to cause a hole.

No hole, no repair. Get ready ford!


I am from Dundalk Maryland. Not Princeton NJ.


I have a 2010 Ford Expedition. The paint on the front of my hood is bubbling.

I have corrosion from under the paint. Clearly a manufacturer defect. The dealer said so. The body shop said so.

The body shop said they can't repair aluminum (it's an aluminum hood). I have to wait for it to go all the way through. I have to have itr repaired before it does that. So what warranty.

That's like saying "Ill insure your car but if you're in a crash you have to fix it".

Ford may have a good truck,but GM and Mopar stand behind their warranty.

I'm going to report this to the BBB,and i will park in front of the dealer with a sign to warn others. I hope you do the same.


Same here. I'm done with Ford.

My 2005 F-150 rotted out underneath, brakes and all. 6 year warranty good for nothing. Warranty phone number rings off the hook.

No one ever answers. No more Fords for me.

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