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Nov. 28, 2006 ,ONE MONTH BEFORE my Lincoln Mark VIII caught fire and killed Payton Lewis and Samantha Ely. Ford Motor Company put profit before consumer safety . Ford could not risk a full recall of the cruise control switches that were defective, so they staged the recalls, and left the consumer at deadly risk.

Ford Motor Company announced In Nov. 2006, plans to procure $18 billion to finance its "Way Forward" turnaround plan, and details of the financing deal reveal that Ford is putting up nearly all of its domestic assets as collateral.

Ford was willing to risk its U.S. plants, office buildings, patents, trademarks, and stakes in its credit division, Ford Credit, Volvo. and it's loyal consumers because it was the first time in the company's 103-year history that it was forced to mortgage parts of its business to obtain financing to avoid bankruptcy.

Problem is, when Ford obtained this funding, they put-off a recall, that could have scared off the customer, and cost them dearly.

It wound up costing my family dearly and many others, that have found no justice in the Detroit Courts. Instead we are left with Ford attorney's paid to deny all the way to Judge Friedman's dismissal. ( No cases make it out of Detroit My son's life is just dismissed ,as if he was nothing. Payton wasn't worth a $21.00 repair, that EVERYONE knew about THE DEFECT for years& years. Ford even paid NHTSA a fine of $425K to delay recalls on 1988-1993 models. So , Ford pays a little, to let us drive around with time bombs under the hood. We have a right to expect reasonable safety!

But , CEO Alan R. Mulally and William Clay Ford Jr. are now being held up as businessmen of the year! and hero's giving themselves over 100 million in stock bonuses this year.

Which brings me to the question ; Do all the members know what Ford and Dykema are doing to Fire victims families? Are they all this ruthless,as to put profit over human life? Ask them.

Homer A. Neal, Stephen G. Butler,Richard A. Gephardt,James H. Hance,Richard A. Manoogian

Michael E. Bannister,Anthony F. Early,John Lawson Thornton,Ellen R. Marram,Kimerly A. Casiano

Lewis W.K. Booth,Stephen T. Odell,Joe Hinrichs,Douglas G. Bain,David Dohnalek

Gerald L. Shaheen,Paul Kinscherff,James C. Johnson,James A. Bell,Jim McNerney

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I did a car Fax before I purchased the Lincoln, in August of 2006. I also, looked up any recalls on the car on the Ford Web-site, none had been issued, even though the switch had already been found to be defective.

Ford staged the recalled, NOT LETTING THE PUBLIC KNOW THERE WAS AN ISSUE, Believe me if I had been made aware the switch was such a danger, and could kill, I would have paid the $21.00! I would have never risked anyones life, like Ford Motor Company did.

That is why I am speaking up, to help save others from this fate. It is a safety issue.


If the car is 10 years old or more, it's yours. If you wait for auto makers to fix it for free than do so at your own risk. You even say it's a "$21.00 repair." So FIX IT!

to YOURCAR. #1366918

How do you know what to fix, if you do not get a recall notice until August of 2007? Ford knowingly placed a defective switch on 20 million vehicles!

Texas instruments knew the switch was defective. TI even had Ford sign a wavier that they wanted the design to stay the same, with the leak. The fix would have taken more time and an additional 3 cents, per unit.

The car was purchased in September of 2006, again Ford had not recalled, even though they had staged recalls with the same switch.

I did not know, about this defect. Do you think I would not have fixed it?

You are a sad person. I truly hope you never have to go through loosing a child to a greedy company, who plays Russian roulette with your child's life!


September 17, 2008 187 MOTION to Intervene by Don M Ely, Jr, Sopa N Ely. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Document Continuation Brief in Support of Motion to Intervene) (Ament - MDL NOT ADMITTED, John)

This Case was settled and dismissed for 500K in Jan.

2009. Not the Lewis case.


first there was not any trial on this case yet you boo hoo or whatever piece of *** put a *** in your *** now.


I believe you must have the cases mixed up, This case has not been heard in the courts yet, and is still in the courts. And I was not the victim or involved.


I think I remember this. Bottom line, if there was a valid cause of action, the court(s) would have allowed it. Apparently, was not.

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