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I aquired a 97 Ford Contour when my mother died in 2011. After getting it home I began to repair items that would cause it to operate more efficiently and safely since it had been sitting for several months.

After spending almost $1,000 on replacement parts I drove the vehicle and the more I drove the worse it ran. Thats when I found out that Ford had installed inferior wiring in the vehicle. This wiring had insulation that crumbled when touched and was installed everywhere in the vehicle. the 95-97 models were produced with this wiring.

When I contacted Ford I was informed there had been a recall on this issue but the recall only lasted 100,000 miles or 10 years from the date of recall. Since the vehicle has over the milage Ford told me that I am screwed. Not good enough for me. I have a car that gets over 30 mpg and can't drive it.

Ford sold these cars to elderly buyers and the wiring could cause fires which possible could kill some drivers. So I am letting the world know how sorry Ford is to screw people with junk cars so it can be rich.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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You are a *** ***. Its *** like you that cause others to go bezerk.

You are dumb enough to not know how to spell so in your case I can overlook ***. Most people aren't made of money like you LIBERAL turds that steal from working people.

Ford screwed people and were never brought to justice but their day is coming. You have a great life and continue to kiss Obama's ***.


:cry :cry :cry I forgot all cars should have a life time warrenty the car is 15 years old and most likly has high miles get over it and what does it matter about how many mpg it gets I forgot if it get 21 mpg it has a life time warrenty :grin GET A LIFE OR HOBBY THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LOST MONEY FOR REAL WARRENTY ISSUES :cry :cry :cry

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