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Back in February 2012 I purchased a 2012 Mustang GT Premium. I drove it for two-three months. I put 12,xxx miles on it in that time. It broke memorial day weekend. I was trying to do a burnout. Yes, i said a burnout. Which in turn broke everything in the rear end except the axles, twisted the *** two piece drive shaft and split it in the middle, and tweaked the control and trailling arms. I then got it towed to Alphorn Ford in Monroe Wi, where they proceeded to "look over" my car. They told me I was racing my car so my warranty would be voided. What gets me tho is, why does Ford produce a 412hp car if the owner can't have some fun with it?!?!

I was told that someone buying any line of the mustangs should pretty much granny them because they are not made to race. And like they were told multiple times. If I didnt want a fast car, I would have bought a *** escort.

We went through multiple phone calls and letters with dealerships and corporate, only to be ran around in circles by peons and *** bosses. There was only ONE dealership that was willing to help me out, located in Evansville Wi. I was to pay $200 out of pocket, while they paid the $3100 difference to fix my pos car. They were the ones that actually showed me what happened and explained everything to me.

They started working on it, and 10 minutes after, FoMoCo calls them up and tells them they have to stop immediately and I have to pay cash to fix it.

Whether I was racing my car or anything for thay matter, Ford does give me a warranty with the car when I purchase it. They should follow thru for once and fix it!

I am, or rather was a Ford fan. I, just like my family have had multiple fords and have loved them. Now that this happened I will never buy a Ford again. As a matter of fact, if it isnt fixed, come next summer I will be parking my pos next to the road with a huge sign next to it that reads "THIS CAR IS A PIECE OF ***. STOP AND ASK ME WHY!"

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Huh. Never had this happen to any of the twin turbo'd supra a when I worked for toyota.

Wonder why...oh. Because fords are pieces of ***.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #866058

"tried to do a burnout"

Guessing here, that you ran the RPM's all the way up, and popped the clutch, or if an Automatic, you ran the RPM's up in Neutral, then popped it into drive.

With that kind torque on the driveline (which no car is designed for) you broke alot of stuff, now you want someone else to pay for it.

It WOULD be a good idea to read the Warranty part of the Owner's Handbook, that way you know what is and is not covered.

Of course, if the dealer saw your back tires were nearly bald, they may have figured most of those miles were put on 1/4 mile at a time!


You are a true *** and a wannabe racer. Beef it up and take it to the track.

It is built as a stock street car not some idiots drag car. You broke it, so you pay for it.

That is real simple. :? :? :? :? :?


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Should have bought an import


And the fact they advertise them getting beat on. That is condoning it


So you are telling me, you have never done a burnout? Or got on your car a little bit? If so, I call bs!

And if the 2012 mustang's were made for a "real man" they wouldn't have a two piece tin drive shaft on them.

Big deal I was attempting a burnout. Who wouldn't with a 412hp car?!

It's not the fact that stuff broke (even though it never should have). It's the fact they will not honor a warranty on the car. Google 2012 mustang gt broken drive shafts.. it isn't just happening to me

Besides the most that should have snapped was the u-joint, not the drive shaft and everything else. Or even better, the tires should have spun. Which they didn't, at all. And the dealership that was gonna help me agreed 100% with everything. Even the fact it was bs Ford was doing this

to DMV_1991 #878106

Well you dumb ***!!!! If you were a ford man you wouldn't dog your nice car like that.

You would treat her with a lot more respect!!! And no I don't blame ford, you tore it up being mean to her!!!! Of course they won't do a warranty repair!!!! You jack ***!!!

Lol !¡¡ so do us all a favor, get you.

A nice new Chevy ,,, and drive it off a cliff!!!!!


:cry, Yea sure blame Ford for your stupidity!

You do not deserve to own a Ford much less one made for a real man!

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