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Owning a 1993 Ford Festiva for less than 1 year, the metering block went out of it and I'm told that the part is obsolete, I cannot buy one from them and I cannot find out if it is repairable. The only opportunity is to buy a used one and I cannot get any help from them to find one.

Ford Motor company screws people up and I Am Pissed! This is the best vehicle I have ever owned and now this happens to me.

This vehicle gets 40 miles to the gallon. How would you feel about it?

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You buy a 16 year old car and are pissed at the manufacturer when you find out that parts are obsolete? Whats the matter with you?

Have you tried to fiond the part through a junkyard? That's probably your only hope.

Maybe you should spend more than $500 on your next car.

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