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Working with the BBB to correct the problem. Went to John Lance Ford 7/15 and met with Ford Service Engineer, 7/16 as requested by BBB went to get copies of all the work orders and found out only one was ever made out. Told Ford that I disconnected the phone and the usb is still being blocked from being used.Have to over ride by voice command or shutting off for 15 minutes.

Original review posted by user Jun 17, 2011

I have a 2010 Mustang it runs great but the sync system isn't worth a ***. It hangs up occasionally when I start the car.

It will not let me play the usb recordings. You have to shut off the car and wait 15 minutes before it will work right.I have taken it to the dealer on numerous occasions and they can't find anything wrong.

They blame my phone when I have had two of them and two providers and it does the same thing. The Ford Sync people give me the run around and will not replace the system.I feel sorry for the next poor guy that buys it.

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They announced on CNBC that Ford slipped from #5 position to #10 in customer satisfaction because their sinc system, and electrical entertainment system are not working the way they are advertised. Yet they still refuse to do anything about it.


I had the same problem with the Sync system on my 2009 Escape. Took it to Deland Ford and was told to take the battery out of my phone and then put it back in to reset it.

A pain in the you know what but it works! I also seem to only have the problem if I drive without the phone in the car.

The next time I start it uo, I have to remove the phone battery,etc and then no more problems til I forget the phone again!! Maybe this solution will help.

Walter Salicki

After my 2nd. meeting with the Ford inspector I was informed that Ford will not do anything to correct the problem.

I will be dumping this car as soon as the new GM cars are out. A word to the wise don't get a SYNC system in your car.


You are absolutely right. The Ford Sync system really does suck.

I use my car for work and often have to resync my Ipod as many as 10 times a day. I really regret buying this piece of *** from ford. My Fiesta is a real lemon. I have to have the transmission replaced, it was bad from day one.

The AC is not working, I live in Las Vegas with temps up to 120. The rear wheels are out of alignment and the service reps refused to fix this, he said that since the Fiesta was a front wheel drive car, the rear wheels are supposed to be out of alignment.

The dealership has offered to switch my Fiesta out for a different car, however the problem with that is it would still be a ford. Never again will I own a ford-fix or repair daily-car.

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