I contacted Ford Thailand via my local dealer to purchase Ford touch up paint, as prescribed in their owners manual. I was treated as if I was *** for asking for such a product and they did not have such a product, even though I had the part number for the Ford item required.

They eventually stated that as this product was from Europe and they did not stock it and could not get it.

This statement is a falsehood as many of the accessories that they want to stock and sell, do come from Europe.

I contacted the Ford Thailand customer complaints and received the same answer, if Ford is such a global company why does it seem that Ford Thailand is a rule onto itself and as far as customer service goes they just don't care.

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Fred, I think you must be the @@@. Negative and rude.

I've had the same experience with Ford as the original poster, not only touch up paint but other items.

Service and back up is very important.

Some of the Fords are great products but much of the service after purchase in Thailand is abysmal. Such a pity and so unnecessary, also frustrating for customers.


I can't believe this *** took the time to complain, about touch up paint! What a ***.

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